5th and Final Day Of Time Matching

Day 257

I have now reached my fifth and final day of the “time matching weight maintenance strategy” test. Almost every day has seen either a small weight loss, breakeven, or a small weight gain. For the first 4 days overall, I have lost .1 kg. The starting point was 75.5, and my weight was 75.4 for the final weigh-in on the 4th day.

Since this is the final day, I will have successfully maintained my weight as long as either break even, lose some weight, or gain only .1 kg on this 5th day.

Things were not going very well as far as my diet. I ate too much and even had a couple of ice cream sandwiches. When this happens, though, it is highly advisable to keep it to a small snack and not go crazy. You can lose some discipline, but it should be a controlled loss. 3 scoops of ice cream or a whole ice cream sundae will kill your diet. But a small snack is endurable as long as long as you know you can do enough exercise on that day to burn off the excess calories.

I had risen to about 77.7 by bedtime. And that was looking really bad since I would need to drop to about 76.5 to have a good chance of breaking even on the day. Fortunately, I was able to drop to 76.4 before running.

I felt that a 70-minute was just about right as far as time matching goes. However, I would likely have to keep a pretty good pace to lose 1 kg in 70 minutes.

After finishing the run in, I weighed in at exactly 76.4 kg. I could have waited another 30 minutes and probably lost another .1 kg or more before doing a final weigh-in. But in this case, the 75.4 was exactly breakeven for the day. More importantly, the 75.4 was .1 kg below my 5-day starting point of 75.5 kg.

Final Result:

The final tally here for my “time matching” experiment is a big success. I started at 75.5 kg and ended at 75.4, for a weight loss of .1 kg. Since the goal was maintenance only (not losing weight since I have reached my target already), I even surpassed the goal by a small amount.

If you just look at the raw numbers only, that doesn’t help you understand the full benefits of this method. The real benefits are in the details. See tomorrow’s blog post for a more comprehensive overview of this time-matching weight maintenance strategy.

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