Second Day Of “Time Matching” Test

Day 254

This is now the 2nd day of “time matching” weight maintenance strategy test. The first day had a good result of .1 kg of weight loss. Since the goal is to do just enough exercise to break even, that first day was a big success. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to lose a small amount. And gaining a small amount is also okay, although it would not be good to gain a little every single day because that can start add up to an unacceptable weight gain. The point is that a little gain or loss is normal on a given day.

It would be nice to be able to run only 60 minutes or less at the end of Day 254. But since I am doing time matching, that is all going to depend on what I weigh approximately 2 hours before the final weigh-in, which is in the morning (I am writing this in the afternoon).

Just to review, time matching refers to doing just the right amount of exercise to break even in the current 24-hour weigh-in period. So yesterday, I was up 1.2 kg about a couple of hours before the end of the weigh-in day. Based on my Pentamize tracking record, that meant the time-matching period of time was approximately 90 minutes. And I lost almost exactly the 1.2 kg that I needed to lose. The 1.3 kg loss gave me a positive daily loss of .1 kg.

As of 4 in the afternoon, my weight was about 77.1 kg. Quite a bit of that was food, but a lot of it was also water. But I needed to limit my food intake the rest of the day to have a chance of getting to run only 60 minutes in the morning. I can probably only eat about .3 kg more the rest of the day. Otherwise, it’s going to be another long 90-minute run in the morning to hit close to even.

After one more small meal and going to the bathroom a few times, I actually dropped to 76.9 by 8 at night. I had one more smallish meal to go. If I keep this meal small and manage to lose 1 full kilogram overnight, then I can probably run only one hour. Also, since I am .1 kg ahead, I can afford to gain a small amount for this weigh-in. However, it is still preferable to try to come close to even every day.

I managed to go to bed at about 77.1 kg. And shortly before the run in the morning, I had gotten down to 76.2 kg. So that was a pretty large drop of .9 kg overnight. Time matching here seems to dictate a run of about one hour, which is exactly what I was hoping for. So I am now going to go run an hour and will be at least close to breaking even. It’s possible to finish at .7 or less and slightly gain. But that would not be a big problem at all. It would be very strange to lose less than that during a 60-minute run.

I just hit the .7 kg loss during this run. That dropped me to 75.5 kg. Although that is a daily weight gain of .1 kg, the 75.5 is exactly my starting point for the time-matching test. So I am exactly even over the first 2 days after losing .1 on the first day and gaining .1 today.

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