Gained Back Half The Weight I Lost Yesterday

Day 226

Starting Weight: 76.3 kg
Weight Before 90-Minute Run: 77.3 kg
Weight After Run: 76.3 kg
Final Weight: 76.6 kg
Final Result: gained .3 kg

Today definitely did not go off as well as yesterday. To some extent, this is natural because I am coming off a day where I lost .6 kg, which is well over a pound. So my body might reverse itself and retain water. This is not any kind of certainty, though. While my Pentamize tracking history has many examples of losing a large amount of weight on one day and still losing at least a little the next day, a “bounce back” effect is normal.

I only had so-so results on the run today, as well. After a good start to the day, where my weight was 77.3 kg before an afternoon run, my weight only dropped about 1.0 kg during the session. It ideally should at least be a little more than that. However, depending on diet, water retention, and other factors, it is still possible to lose weight under this scenario.

The problem today is I was just a little too hungry and probably ate slightly too much. And if you add that my body may have retained more water than usual, it was going to be difficult. I rose to roughly 77.4 kg before bedtime, and my weight didn’t seem to be coming down very much the last couple of hours before going to bed. Thus, I was not really expecting good results for the morning weigh-in.

After getting up, I weighed in at 76.9 and then 76.8 after going to the bathroom. That was still a little time before the weigh-in. But it was clear the end result was going to be terrible. So I already knew that extreme measures would probably be necessary to recover from this. My workout for Day 227 will be in the evening, so there will be plenty of time to assess the situation. There is one big advantage to working out in the evening and after you have eaten all or almost all of your food for the day. But it is far from a foolproof way to lose or maintain weight. I will discuss evening workouts in the next blog post.

These kinds of days are very disappointing. When you don’t really do anything wrong and still gain about a half a pound, it’s disheartening. But consistency works once you have an effective system even though individual days are problematic. The key to weight loss is to track everything (I developed my own Pentamize system for this very purpose) until you have that winning system. Then, your ability to follow that system (willpower, consistency, tracking and adjusting when necessary, and the like) will be the determining factor. If you don’t yet have a winning system, the Pentamize book can help you.

No Choice Now But To Enact Extreme Measures

Day 225

Although a weight that is around 77.0 kg is not that much over my target maintenance weight of 75.0, the trend the past 4 days has been ugly. Since hitting 76.3 and officially ending my post-vacation recovery period, everything has been bad. I have been consistently gaining, and this appears to be past the point of being a normal small weight gain from natural fluctuations. So I have no choice now but to take some extreme measures.

I prefer to take extreme measures only when necessary. And 4 days in a row of gaining weight is not acceptable. So it’s time to do this because I am tired of this ugly swing.

My exercise session will be in the afternoon, at about 1 to 2:30. I must do the full 90 minutes today, but how fast the pace will be is going to depend on my energy level. For me, extreme measures do not typically mean a high-intensity workout. I may work out longer if necessary. But high intensity is rarely the answer for me. Part of the problem is that I will just get thirstier or hungrier, which seems to be part of the reason my weight has gone up the past few days. So running faster is likely not the answer.

In this case, I am going to watch my diet, have a decent run, and then check my weight in the evening. If I am over 77.5 kg, then I am going to go out and run again, but definitely for far less than 90 minutes. The goal here is to lose weight, not to kill myself. And my body is definitely not in shape to suddenly run 3 hours in a 24-hour period. But an extra session of 30 to 45 minutes at night is possible.

This kind of extreme measure is not something I usually do and would generally not even advise doing it. But there are times when you have to sacrifice. And that time is now for me. I am fed up with this and now have no other choice. However, if my weight is 77.5 or under in the evening, then I don’t have to resort to an extra workout because I will probably lose weight by morning, anyway.

By the way, this is one of my extreme measures that I teach in the Pentamize Weight Loss System ebook. Get it from the home page of this website and learn the exact steps I have taken to lose weight.

My weight was about 77.6 before running today. That was a good start on the diet. My results were not quite as good as yesterday. But I did drop to 76.6 by the end of the run and 76.5 after going to the bathroom.

To avoid having to do an extra workout tonight, the goal is to watch my diet and slowly drink water instead of just gulping a bunch of it right after the run. I’ll probably run for about 30 minutes just for good measure, anyway. But if I am well below 77.5, I might not do the extra session.

In an odd twist, I actually ate some pizza this evening. My weight was 76.9 kg at about 8:30 at night. In other words, I was already at my morning weigh-in without taking any extreme measures. As expected, I just watched my diet and sipped water slowly instead of gulping a lot of it down after the workout. There was plenty of room to eat one more meal. It raised me to about 77.2, and I was down to 77.1 by bedtime.

I got up at 6 to go the bathroom and weighed in at 76.6 kg. This was already a loss of .3 kg on the day, with likely quite a bit more to come before the official weigh-in. With about 3 hours to go, I may even drop back down to 76.3, which would eliminate all of the weight gain from the last 4 days (not counting today).

At my 9:30 a.m. weigh-in, I came in at exactly 76.3 kg. This means that I did completely erase the last 4 days of weight gain all in one day. And I lost .6 kg today while eating pizza! I will talk more about pizza in tomorrow’s blog post.

Now Possibly 4 Days Of Weight Gain In a Row

Day 224

Today could be the 4th day in a row of gaining weight. Obviously, I would like to avoid this if possible. I mean, I have worked out all 3 of these days and have still gained every time.

It is true that I am running a little less, and my diet hasn’t been so good. It’s not clear yet whether running less has been a factor. But I have continued to lose a similar amount during the workouts as compared to running for 90 minutes. So my belief is that I am just eating a little too much.

Things started good today and got a little weird. Before my early afternoon run, my diet was pretty good. I was about 77.7 kg. Then, I ran for 82 minutes and got all the way down to 76.3 kg. That was a good drop of about 1.4 kg during this workout.

After exercising, I ate a fairly small amount but drank a lot of water. And I shot back up to approximately 78.2 kg. While this was mostly water, it seemed to be staying in my body for hours. When checking at 7:30, my weight was still around 78.0. This should not be a long-term problem. But it might affect my morning weigh-in.

I also need to eat one more small snack, as my diet has actually been pretty disciplined today. I genuinely need just a little more food before bedtime. If the water stays in my body, then I just have to accept that for this 24-hour period. But I am not going to let something like that force me to eat less than an appropriate amount of food.

It appears the same thing happened today that happened yesterday. After drinking a lot of water, it just isn’t all being disposed of by weigh-in time. I can’t think that I overate today. But when I woke up, I was 77.2 kg. That is about 2 hours before the official weigh-in. However, even after going to the bathroom more than once, my weight ended up being 76.9 kg at the weigh-in. That made for a breakeven day. So while I did not gain 4 days in row, I also have not lost any weight for 4 days in a row because of this breakeven day.

I have decided that extreme measures may be necessary to buck this trend. Read all about that in Day 225’s blog post.

Trying to Avoid 3 Days Of Weight Gain In a Row

Day 223

Starting Weight: 76.8 kg
Weight Before Run: about 78.2 kg
Weight After Run: about 77.0 kg
Run Duration: 75 minutes
Final Weigh-In Result: 76.9 and gained .1 kg

Day 223 is an important day because I am on the verge of a really bad downswing at this point. Over the past 2 days, I have gained a total of .5 kg, with .3 of it coming yesterday. I need to reverse this trend as soon as possible.

Although my run was 75 minutes today, the results were better than some recent 90-minute runs. I lost about 1.2 to 1.3 kg during this workout. This could be partly attributable to the fact that this has been (or at least felt like) the warmest day of this spring so far. However, I timed out in my head that I was going to finish before 90 minutes. So I consciously sped up during parts of the run to get a better workout. And at the end, my heart rate was about 133. That is much better than recent numbers, which have fallen all the way down to around 100 on some days.

That slower rate is still fine for 90-minute workouts. But it is probably a little too slow if I am going to run only about 75 minutes. A somewhat more intense pace can at least partially make up for the fact that the run is shorter. But I can’t push it too much because part of my permanent lifestyle change is to stick to only a moderate intensity. High-intensity workouts just burn me the heck out, and that risks getting off a routine exercise schedule due to either injury or the increased need to take breaks.

I may end up gaining again, but it won’t be due to excessive eating after the run. If anything, I may have eaten too much before. Although I rose back to about 77.8 after the run, a lot of that was water. I did have a snack, but it was about .4 kg all together. That doesn’t seem like too much at all. So if I gain any weight today, it is probably due as much to a natural upward fluctuation as anything else. There is nothing in particular that I need to fix.

Regardless of tomorrow morning’s weigh-in result, I plan on putting in a full 90-minute run tomorrow, or at least really close to it. Certainly, I need a turnaround after the past 2 days and today looking like it could be bad again.

My weight dropped by pretty much an average amount overnight. I ended at 76.9 kg, which was a small weight gain of .1 kg. Although this is 3 days in a row of gaining weight, I don’t feel bad about today. This is more or less breaking even, and it was likely due to temporary water retention. Nonetheless, I need to turn this around soon. There aren’t many excuses left when you gain weight 3 days in a row. My diet choices or amount eaten is probably going to have to change soon.

Another Day of Weight Gain When Drinking Fruit Juice

Day 222

After a fairly small weight gain of .2 kg yesterday, it would have been preferable to exercise better diet control. Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen in the early part of the day.

I whipped up and had some fruit smoothies, which are probably not actually that bad. There was only a little bit of sugar in the smoothies. However, I also drank a can of coconut juice, and about 20% of that was sugar or similar bad ingredients. Along with eating a little too much, I shot way up to about 78.5 kg by 3 in the afternoon. Now, this is not necessarily all that bad because some of it is water weight. Nonetheless, an increase of 2 kg early in the day is pretty alarming unless almost all of it is from water.

I need to slow down the rest of the day and have minimal food intake. This is another example of what I blogged about a few days ago, which is making modifications on the fly. Using my Pentamize techniques, the way you would know that you need to make modificiations is to weigh yourself in the middle of the day. I don’t mean that you have to weigh yourself constantly. But if you realize that you are probably overeating, you can always check yourself. And when you realize you are suddenly 4 pounds over in the middle of the day, you may be in big trouble. This is exactly what has happened to me today. Again, some of it is due to water. But I sense excessive food intake, as well. So it’s time to eat less the rest of the day even if that means sacrificing by being a little hungry.

Before the run, I dropped a little to 78.3 kg. Then, I ran for 83 minutes and lost 1.2 kg. That dropped me to 77.1 kg. And I needed to go to the bathroom, which got me down to 77.0 kg. At that point, I did need a little more food. To be on the safe side, I need to limit my food intake to about .3 kg.

Unfortunately, I had a little too much and rose to 77.7 kg before bedtime. That was a surprise, as I thought my weight would be around 77.4 to 77.5. But this kind of micromanaging of weight starts to get ridiculous. So if I eat a little too much from time to time, so be it. On the other hand, this is also a very good example of how meticulous tracking can help you lose weight. Without doing any Pentamize tracking, I would be guessing every day. At least with the tracking, I have the tools, information, and statistics to analyze my diet and exercise. I am not perfect, but my Pentamize system keeps me in line just enough to manage my weight as long as I can summon the willpower to follow the numbers a reasonable amount of the time. Perfection is not possible and frankly not even desired for me. But just a reasonable amount of willpower has helped me drop from 233 to my current weight of about 170.

My weight dropped quite a bit overnight, and my final weight in the morning was 76.8 kg. So I gained about .3 kg today. After 2 rough days, it’s time to try to have a better result on Day 223.