Second Successful Day Of Split Workouts

Day 247

Starting Weight: 75.8 kg
Weight Before Evening One-Hour Run: about 77.7 kg
Weight After Run: about 76.9 kg
Weight At Bedtime: 77.2 kg
Weight Before Morning Session: 76.3 kg
Weight After 35-Minute Morning Run: 75.8 kg
Final Weight: 75.6 kg
Result: lost .2 kg

For my second day in a row of a split workout, I lost weight again. This time, it was a loss of .2 kg, compared to Day 246’s .3 kg of weight loss. So the total weight loss over these 2 days of split workouts is .5 kg, for an average of .25 per day.

No scientific conclusion can be drawn from 2 days of results. However, there are some certainties. In particular, I definitely would have gained some weight today (Day 247) if not for the extra morning session. That is because my loss of .2 was significantly less than the .5 that I lost shortly before the final weigh-in. There is no way that I would have lost from 76.3 to 75.8 (.5 kg) in only 2 hours. And that is what I would have needed to do if not for the extra 35-minute running session. I definitely would have gained probably .2 to .3 kg. But the excellent 35-minute run showed a weight loss of .5 kg. That sent me down to 75.8, and I then lost .2 kg before weighing in about an hour later.

As with yesterday, it was good to not have to run 90 minutes straight. Instead of that, I split it up into one 60-minute session and the extra 35-minute run. The reason I chose 35 minutes is that I was estimating how much I needed to run to at least guarantee that I would lose weight. And based on my experience, I figured that the 35 minutes with a medium intensity would help me lose at least .4 kg, but possibly more. It did end up being .5 kg, which put me even at that point. Then, after going to the bathroom and waiting about one hour, the extra weight loss allowed me to lose .2 kg overall.

The strategy worked pretty much perfectly. I could have run longer than 35 minutes if I had really wanted to do that. But I didn’t feel the need. The goal was to turn what was destined to be a bad day into a good day. And that’s exactly what I was able to do.

Get the Pentamize ebook for more information on these split workouts. They are not at all required but are mentioned as an option in the book. If your schedule is not conducive with 2 workouts in a day, you don’t have to use this. But it has the great advantage of letting you see how much weight you need to lose for the second session as long as you plan on having your final weigh-in shortly after that second session. This puts you in more control of your destiny, as compared to one workout in a day. However, it won’t save you if you make big mistakes with your diet. Depending on your level of overeating, no amount of exercise is going to save you.

Tried Split Workouts Today With Good Success

Day 246

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Weight Before Running 60 Minutes In Evening: 77.7 kg
Weight After Running: 76.8 kg
Weight Before Bedtime: 77.1 kg
Weight Before Morning Run of 45 Minutes: 76.5 kg
Weight After 45-Minute Morning Run: 75.9 kg
Final Weigh-In: 75.8 kg
Result: lost .3 kg

Back when I played football in school, we had “2 a day” workouts before school started. We would practice twice a day for about 2 weeks.

If you are talking about football, it’s tough because you are out there smashing each other. However, for a weight loss system, you don’t have to do anything crazy like that. So I came up with the idea of a “2 a day” workout system when developing the Pentamize Weight Loss System. It should be doable for the typical dieter if your schedule permits it because you are doing the exercise routine that you always do. The exercise is no different. Only the schedule is different.

For this blog post, I will use the term “split workouts.” That is, I am talking about having two different workouts in the same day, but not the extreme exercise measures that I blogged about recently. In this case, figure out about how much you want to work out in that 24-hour period. Then, you are going to split that time into two sessions.

There are several ways to split your workout time into two sessions. These are the main 3 ways:

1. Have two sessions of equal time;
2. Do a longer workout first and then a shorter workout for the second session; or
3. Do the shorter workout first and then the longer one for the second session.

You can have Session 1 in the morning and Session 2 in the evening, or vice versa. The result is likely to be about the same. Just choose a schedule that works for you.

Today, I did a 60-minute for Session 1, and that was in the evening. Then, I did a 45-minute session in the morning for Session 2. Thus, I worked out for 1 hour and 45 minutes total, which is more than the 90 minutes that I often exercise.

The results were good. But that’s not the whole story. Another benefit was that I was able to quit after an hour, relax, and then go back in the morning and do the shorter session. Thus, it actually felt easier for me than one 90-minute session even though the total time was 15 minutes longer.

I lost about .9 kg in Session 1 and .6 kg in Session 2. That was a good total of 1.5 kg of weight loss during the runs. And by the end of this day, I had lost a total of .3 kg, considering that I started at 76.1 and ended at 75.8. And it’s good for my psychologically to get back down there in the 75 range.

I didn’t track split workouts much when writing the Pentamize ebook. So I don’t have a long history of results. This was a very good first day, and I am going to do it again for Day 247. That way, I will have two separate days to look at.

Note that there is another good advantage to splitting up your workouts, provided that the second session is right before your official weigh-in. This advantage is that you can measure exactly how much you need to lose before the second session and modify the time accordingly. This is why you need to track consistently and have an idea of how much you lose during various workouts.

Recovered From Partial Cheat Day In Only One Day

Days 244 and 245

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Weight Before Running: 78.0 kg
Weight After Running: 76.8 kg
Final Weight And Result: 76.3 kg and gained .2 kg

I had a partial cheat day on Day 244. After going to an appointment, it was time to eat. And I had a hamburger, fries, and a large coke.

This caused a pretty big increase in weight, but it was not a huge meal. So it was possible to avoid a really bad day even though it would be hard to lose weight. I have come close to breaking even on a semi cheat day but never on a “pig out” kind of cheat day.

I tried to eat as little as possible the rest of the day and did a decent job of maintaining discipline. And I also ran the typical 90-minute run.

The damage from that big meal was a little too much to reverse in only 24 hours. However, the result was actually decent. My morning weigh-in showed a weight of 76.3 kg, which was a weight gain of .2 kg.

With another partial cheat day done, it would be a good idea to avoid these for a while. I should certainly avoid them for at least a couple of weeks.

Day 245

The smallish weight gain on Day 244 was telling me to have another long run on Day 245. However, my body was not feeling all that great at 8 at night. I just didn’t feel like running in the afternoon, either. So I am going to try something a little different. I will run 60 minutes at night and then do another session in the morning of between 30 and 60 minutes. How long I run in the morning will depend on my weight in the morning. I’ll probably be pretty far up because my weight was up to about 77.9 before the evening workout.

When I went outside to run, my body and mind just were not responding at all. So I decided to cancel the evening workout and just do it in the morning. Then, things were screwed up even more when I found out my daughter’s school was cancelled for the day. That left only a little time to work out in the morning unless I was going to get up at about 6:30 in the morning. Since I am not used to that schedule, I chose to get up a little later and run for about an hour.

Ultimately, I got up, weighed in at 76.9 kg, and then ran for 70 minutes. The result was a decent weight loss of .8 kg during that session. So my official weigh-in was a 76.1 kg, which resulted in a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

Looking at Days 244 (a partial cheat day) and 245, I broke even in the aggregate. This is a fine result, particularly considering that this was a one-day full recovery from the partial cheat day.

Managed To Break Even Despite Eating Too Much

Day 243

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Ending Weight: 76.1 kg

I gained a large amount of weight from eating today. As of 7 in the evening, my weight was 78.4 kg. That is really bad if just looking at the weight by itself. However, a lot of that consisted of fruit smoothies. Since those weigh quite a bit but are reasonably healthy, my weight could drop a lot the rest of the day or at least overnight and into the morning. However, I did also eat a little more carbs than usual. Overall, this has not been a disciplined day as far as diet goes.

I have an appointment early in the morning. So there won’t even be time to do any kind of extra exercise even if I end up being way overweight over this 24-hour period. The best I can do is run for 90 minutes tonight and then hope for the best.

If I end up with a substantial weight gain today, then I can make up for it with another 90-minute session tomorrow plus an extra session before the weigh-in on Wednesday morning (it’s Monday night as I am writing this blog post).

From a start of about 78.3, I only went down to about 77.3 after the run and then 77.2 from bathroom time. Unlike recent days, the weight dropped hard overnight. I finished at about 76.1, making for a breakeven day. That was a drop of about 1.1 kg overnight. Based on past experience, I am guessing that the smoothies caused a large weight gain, but that weight went right back down overnight.

Because of many wild swings, I usually don’t drink smoothies in a large amount and don’t eat vegetables only. In my experience, these are two general types of foods that cause a fast weight gain if you are drinking or eating enough to get full. Yet, that weight drops off fast, as well. So if you don’t mind those kinds of swings and feel that these foods are good for you, then go ahead if you want. But I prefer to have a more balanced diet consisting of small, low-weight meals. Nonetheless, I would not tell anyone exactly what to eat or drink. Find what you are comfortable with as long as it allows you to keep the weight off.

Some Ways To Reduce Weight Gain On Cheat Days

Day 242

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Weight Before Running: 77.5 kg
Weight After Run: 76.4 kg
Final Weight: 76.1 kg

If you are like me, you include some cheat days in your diet even though it’s obviously not good for you from a physiological perspective. In my view, however, cheat days actually have a good psychological component. They allow me to feel like I can still enjoy some things in life while also staying in decent shape at the same time. However, there are bad cheat days and disastrous cheat days. Because it’s so hard to recover from a disastrous cheat day, it is helpful to use some techniques to at least reduce the expected weight gain. That way, you can enjoy some of the things you like to eat while making it easier to recover.

The first thing I almost always do on a cheat day is to have a good workout that is close to my max workout time. For me, that is a 90-minute jog. It might be something totally different for you. In my experience, even this workout does not prevent me from gaining weight on most cheat days. However, I have almost broken even a time or two by doing a workout. That occurred, though, in conjunction with some of the other tips listed below.

The second thing I recommend is to avoid buffets if at all possible. Once you go to a buffet, all bets are off. There is no limit to how much you can eat. And since you are in “cheat day psychological mode,” you may stuff yourself to the gills. Instead, it is preferable to select a decent-sized dish at a restaurant if you are going to eat out. Make it something you really like but also something that will get you full and feel like you got your money’s worth. There is nothing like a buffet to eat as much as you want. But we know the danger of that. However, think of getting a dish of something that you really like that might not even be available at a buffet. For me, that is a huge burger that I get at a local restaurant or a steak meal. And coke is what I really love, so I can get a large coke with the meal.

The third thing you can do is limit the cheating to one meal. I have certainly cheated on some days by eating more than one big meal or eating multiple times at a party. This is a recipe for disaster. It is really desirable to cheat on one decent-sized meal. Then, you can have some popcorn or chips or some other snack you like in addition to that one meal. But having 2 or 3 huge meals on a cheat day is going to make it awfully difficult to recover.

These are the main tips that I use. It doesn’t mean I am going to avoid all buffets the rest of my life. Sometimes, you can just let yourself have maximum enjoyment. But you can at least limit it to special occasions instead of going hog wild every cheat day.

For Day 242, I had an evening run from 8:30 to 10 at night. It was cool outside but not really cold. My pace was pretty typical and in the medium-intensity range, ending the run with a heart rate of around 120. During this workout, my weight dropped from 77.5 to 76.4, which is a decent drop of 1.1 kg.

After half a hamburger and a little water, I was 76.7 before going to bed. That was .6 kg over the morning weigh-in. So I am borderline again and may lose a little, break even, or gain a little.

I broke even today after falling to 76.1 kg. It seems that a weight loss was in order, but I have a little constipation. That may have hurt my chances of showing a weight loss today. So I am not feeling too bad about it.