5-Day “Time-Matching Weight Maintenance Strategy” Test Starts Today

Day 253

Today, I decided to start a 5-day test that is designed so that I break even. I am only trying to maintain over these 5 days, not actually lose weight. Maintaining, as opposed to losing, is fine once you have reached or are very close to your target weight. So you don’t necessarily focus on losing weight anymore because you have already met your goal. So one approach is to modify your diet and exercise in just a way that you break even each day.

One way to maintain is to use what I will call the “time matching” weight maintenance strategy. And I will be testing this for 5 days starting exactly today.

Time matching means running (or doing some other preferred workout) only the time you need to break even on your weight. The best way to do this is to do your exercise right before your final weigh-in each day. That way, you can actually calculate how much you need to lose the break even. It’s not required to do the workout right before your final weigh-in. But it makes it a lot easier because you can determine exactly how much weight you need to lose while exercising.

If you do your exercise earlier, then you can only guess how much you need to lose. That is, if you are going to eat more after exercising but before the weigh-in, then you would also have to calculate how much you are going to eat. So it’s just easier to weigh yourself before exercise, match the time of your session with how much you need to lose, and then calculate your final weight.

Each day of this 5-day test will provide specific numbers and results. Today, I started at 75.5 kg, meaning the goal is to stay right around 75.5. I am not trying to lose weight. But it’s okay if I either lose or gain a small amount.

Before my run, I was 76.7 kg. Now, in order to do your time matching, it is helpful to have done Pentamize tracking already so you know how long you need to work out. In this case, I needed to lose 1.2 kg. And based on my experience, that looked like about a 90-minute session for me.

I decided to run a 90-minute session. And I lost 1.3 kg, ending at 75.4 kg. That meant that I lost .1 kg today. So the first day of this 5-day test was just about right on the money.

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