Massive Weight Loss Of Almost 2 Pounds In One Day

Day 252

After what was starting to look like a freefall, I completely reversed course today and lost .9 kg. That is almost 2 full pounds.

You might think that I starved myself or did something special to accomplish this huge one-day weight loss. Actually, I didn’t do anything special and don’t actually have a strong clue as to the factors that allowed this to happen. For some reason, I just had massive weight loss today after going in the wrong direction for several days.

Once you have a plan for weight loss in place, such as by using my Pentamize system, then these sorts of days just happen from time to time, but not often in my own experience. Rather, days with weight loss are generally .5 kg or less. And they are usually only .1 to .3 kg. This kind of big day occurs probably only about 3 to 5 percent of the time. I don’t have the exact percentage. But it’s not typical for me to personally lose close to 2 pounds in a single day.

The 3 days before this, I had plummeted from 75.6 to 76.4 kg. That is .8. So I erased all of that weight gain plus .1 kg more in a single day.

I will now attempt to find opportunities to run less than 90 minutes because my body is not in the greatest of shape at the moment. I have held up okay, but my body does need to slow down and is starting to feel some fatigue from far too many of these long workouts. Yesterday, I did run only 30 minutes. But that resulted in a weight gain of .4 kg. So going forward the next few days, I will attempt to run about 45 to 70 minutes as long as my weight is not too high at the beginning of the run. If my Pentamize tracking dictates that I am too far over, then I will still run longer if that is necessary to avoid a substantial weight gain.

Losing a lot of weight in one day is not necessarily a good cause to start celebrating. You can end up gaining a lot of that back the very next day. Just as you may unexpectedly have a great day of weight loss, you can just as easily have an unexpected poor day of weight gain. There are times when you can reward yourself with something good to eat, but this is not really one of those times. For more on how to time your food rewards, you can purchase the Pentamize Weight Loss System from the home page.

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