When Gaining Weight Is Still a Positive

Day 251

Although I had a pretty bad weight gain yesterday of .4 kg, I am still considering it a good day because I learned something a little new.

When it was time to weigh in, I was substantially overweight for the day. I was at 76.9 kg, which was a huge .9 kg increase over the previous morning’s weigh-in. To make matters worse, I just didn’t feel like running. My mind and body didn’t seem ready to do even one hour.

I thought for a while and decided that a .9 kg weight gain would just be way too big. The problem is that a .9 increase could force me to have to run for 90 minutes up to a week or even more just to make that up. That is a lot of hard work.

I made the decision to do some kind of exercise session. So I ran for only 30 minutes. However, jogging for only 30 minutes at a slow-to-medium intensity doesn’t usually achieve much over .3 or .4 kg or something like that. A decrease of .3 kg would still be a huge overall daily weight gain of .6 kg. I needed a little more than that.

My record for 30 minutes is a loss of .9 kg. However, that great result was from a high-intensity workout that my body was not able to do today. So I started at medium intensity for the first 10 or 15 minutes and then increased to a bit higher intensity for the last 15 to 20 minutes. The result was a weight loss of .5 kg for the half-hour session. That dropped me from 76.9 to 76.4 kg.

Let’s just look at the numbers and see why I am happy even though I gained weight. Imagine if I did no workout at all. I would have to lose .9 kg at a time when .1 kg is my typical daily weight loss. Even a really good day is .3 kg. So we are looking at something like a week of 90-minute running sessions to make this up. Additionally, I really want to avoid hitting 77 again. When that happens, it seems to take 2 weeks or more to get back down to the 75 range.

Now, by doing a short but pretty fast session, I knocked almost half of that off. So I now only have to make up .4 kg, which could be done in 3 or 4 days but typically less than a week.

What have I learned from this? If my body and mind are tired but I know a running session is needed to avoid a complete disaster, then there is an alternative plan. And that plan is to run a shorter session (less time) that is a bit higher intensity than usual. That’s exactly what I did today, and it helped me reduce the damage by close to 50%. Although it’s a weight gain, it certainly is going to make the recovery a lot easier. Thus, gaining weight can still be looked at as a positive when you reduce what would otherwise be a terrible meltdown. Just reducing the weight gain can be a win when that’s all you can do. It allows you to lose some while also making it easier in the coming days to recover since you aren’t doing a full exercise session.

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