Second Successful Day Of Split Workouts

Day 247

Starting Weight: 75.8 kg
Weight Before Evening One-Hour Run: about 77.7 kg
Weight After Run: about 76.9 kg
Weight At Bedtime: 77.2 kg
Weight Before Morning Session: 76.3 kg
Weight After 35-Minute Morning Run: 75.8 kg
Final Weight: 75.6 kg
Result: lost .2 kg

For my second day in a row of a split workout, I lost weight again. This time, it was a loss of .2 kg, compared to Day 246’s .3 kg of weight loss. So the total weight loss over these 2 days of split workouts is .5 kg, for an average of .25 per day.

No scientific conclusion can be drawn from 2 days of results. However, there are some certainties. In particular, I definitely would have gained some weight today (Day 247) if not for the extra morning session. That is because my loss of .2 was significantly less than the .5 that I lost shortly before the final weigh-in. There is no way that I would have lost from 76.3 to 75.8 (.5 kg) in only 2 hours. And that is what I would have needed to do if not for the extra 35-minute running session. I definitely would have gained probably .2 to .3 kg. But the excellent 35-minute run showed a weight loss of .5 kg. That sent me down to 75.8, and I then lost .2 kg before weighing in about an hour later.

As with yesterday, it was good to not have to run 90 minutes straight. Instead of that, I split it up into one 60-minute session and the extra 35-minute run. The reason I chose 35 minutes is that I was estimating how much I needed to run to at least guarantee that I would lose weight. And based on my experience, I figured that the 35 minutes with a medium intensity would help me lose at least .4 kg, but possibly more. It did end up being .5 kg, which put me even at that point. Then, after going to the bathroom and waiting about one hour, the extra weight loss allowed me to lose .2 kg overall.

The strategy worked pretty much perfectly. I could have run longer than 35 minutes if I had really wanted to do that. But I didn’t feel the need. The goal was to turn what was destined to be a bad day into a good day. And that’s exactly what I was able to do.

Get the Pentamize ebook for more information on these split workouts. They are not at all required but are mentioned as an option in the book. If your schedule is not conducive with 2 workouts in a day, you don’t have to use this. But it has the great advantage of letting you see how much weight you need to lose for the second session as long as you plan on having your final weigh-in shortly after that second session. This puts you in more control of your destiny, as compared to one workout in a day. However, it won’t save you if you make big mistakes with your diet. Depending on your level of overeating, no amount of exercise is going to save you.

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