Tried Split Workouts Today With Good Success

Day 246

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Weight Before Running 60 Minutes In Evening: 77.7 kg
Weight After Running: 76.8 kg
Weight Before Bedtime: 77.1 kg
Weight Before Morning Run of 45 Minutes: 76.5 kg
Weight After 45-Minute Morning Run: 75.9 kg
Final Weigh-In: 75.8 kg
Result: lost .3 kg

Back when I played football in school, we had “2 a day” workouts before school started. We would practice twice a day for about 2 weeks.

If you are talking about football, it’s tough because you are out there smashing each other. However, for a weight loss system, you don’t have to do anything crazy like that. So I came up with the idea of a “2 a day” workout system when developing the Pentamize Weight Loss System. It should be doable for the typical dieter if your schedule permits it because you are doing the exercise routine that you always do. The exercise is no different. Only the schedule is different.

For this blog post, I will use the term “split workouts.” That is, I am talking about having two different workouts in the same day, but not the extreme exercise measures that I blogged about recently. In this case, figure out about how much you want to work out in that 24-hour period. Then, you are going to split that time into two sessions.

There are several ways to split your workout time into two sessions. These are the main 3 ways:

1. Have two sessions of equal time;
2. Do a longer workout first and then a shorter workout for the second session; or
3. Do the shorter workout first and then the longer one for the second session.

You can have Session 1 in the morning and Session 2 in the evening, or vice versa. The result is likely to be about the same. Just choose a schedule that works for you.

Today, I did a 60-minute for Session 1, and that was in the evening. Then, I did a 45-minute session in the morning for Session 2. Thus, I worked out for 1 hour and 45 minutes total, which is more than the 90 minutes that I often exercise.

The results were good. But that’s not the whole story. Another benefit was that I was able to quit after an hour, relax, and then go back in the morning and do the shorter session. Thus, it actually felt easier for me than one 90-minute session even though the total time was 15 minutes longer.

I lost about .9 kg in Session 1 and .6 kg in Session 2. That was a good total of 1.5 kg of weight loss during the runs. And by the end of this day, I had lost a total of .3 kg, considering that I started at 76.1 and ended at 75.8. And it’s good for my psychologically to get back down there in the 75 range.

I didn’t track split workouts much when writing the Pentamize ebook. So I don’t have a long history of results. This was a very good first day, and I am going to do it again for Day 247. That way, I will have two separate days to look at.

Note that there is another good advantage to splitting up your workouts, provided that the second session is right before your official weigh-in. This advantage is that you can measure exactly how much you need to lose before the second session and modify the time accordingly. This is why you need to track consistently and have an idea of how much you lose during various workouts.

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