Recovered From Partial Cheat Day In Only One Day

Days 244 and 245

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Weight Before Running: 78.0 kg
Weight After Running: 76.8 kg
Final Weight And Result: 76.3 kg and gained .2 kg

I had a partial cheat day on Day 244. After going to an appointment, it was time to eat. And I had a hamburger, fries, and a large coke.

This caused a pretty big increase in weight, but it was not a huge meal. So it was possible to avoid a really bad day even though it would be hard to lose weight. I have come close to breaking even on a semi cheat day but never on a “pig out” kind of cheat day.

I tried to eat as little as possible the rest of the day and did a decent job of maintaining discipline. And I also ran the typical 90-minute run.

The damage from that big meal was a little too much to reverse in only 24 hours. However, the result was actually decent. My morning weigh-in showed a weight of 76.3 kg, which was a weight gain of .2 kg.

With another partial cheat day done, it would be a good idea to avoid these for a while. I should certainly avoid them for at least a couple of weeks.

Day 245

The smallish weight gain on Day 244 was telling me to have another long run on Day 245. However, my body was not feeling all that great at 8 at night. I just didn’t feel like running in the afternoon, either. So I am going to try something a little different. I will run 60 minutes at night and then do another session in the morning of between 30 and 60 minutes. How long I run in the morning will depend on my weight in the morning. I’ll probably be pretty far up because my weight was up to about 77.9 before the evening workout.

When I went outside to run, my body and mind just were not responding at all. So I decided to cancel the evening workout and just do it in the morning. Then, things were screwed up even more when I found out my daughter’s school was cancelled for the day. That left only a little time to work out in the morning unless I was going to get up at about 6:30 in the morning. Since I am not used to that schedule, I chose to get up a little later and run for about an hour.

Ultimately, I got up, weighed in at 76.9 kg, and then ran for 70 minutes. The result was a decent weight loss of .8 kg during that session. So my official weigh-in was a 76.1 kg, which resulted in a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

Looking at Days 244 (a partial cheat day) and 245, I broke even in the aggregate. This is a fine result, particularly considering that this was a one-day full recovery from the partial cheat day.

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