Managed To Break Even Despite Eating Too Much

Day 243

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Ending Weight: 76.1 kg

I gained a large amount of weight from eating today. As of 7 in the evening, my weight was 78.4 kg. That is really bad if just looking at the weight by itself. However, a lot of that consisted of fruit smoothies. Since those weigh quite a bit but are reasonably healthy, my weight could drop a lot the rest of the day or at least overnight and into the morning. However, I did also eat a little more carbs than usual. Overall, this has not been a disciplined day as far as diet goes.

I have an appointment early in the morning. So there won’t even be time to do any kind of extra exercise even if I end up being way overweight over this 24-hour period. The best I can do is run for 90 minutes tonight and then hope for the best.

If I end up with a substantial weight gain today, then I can make up for it with another 90-minute session tomorrow plus an extra session before the weigh-in on Wednesday morning (it’s Monday night as I am writing this blog post).

From a start of about 78.3, I only went down to about 77.3 after the run and then 77.2 from bathroom time. Unlike recent days, the weight dropped hard overnight. I finished at about 76.1, making for a breakeven day. That was a drop of about 1.1 kg overnight. Based on past experience, I am guessing that the smoothies caused a large weight gain, but that weight went right back down overnight.

Because of many wild swings, I usually don’t drink smoothies in a large amount and don’t eat vegetables only. In my experience, these are two general types of foods that cause a fast weight gain if you are drinking or eating enough to get full. Yet, that weight drops off fast, as well. So if you don’t mind those kinds of swings and feel that these foods are good for you, then go ahead if you want. But I prefer to have a more balanced diet consisting of small, low-weight meals. Nonetheless, I would not tell anyone exactly what to eat or drink. Find what you are comfortable with as long as it allows you to keep the weight off.

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