Lost .3 KG On Day 240 Of Pentamize Maintenance Mode

Day 240

Starting Weight: 76.0 kg
Ending Weight: 75.7 kg

On Day 240, I was doing very well on my diet. The goal for most days is to eat just enough to have the energy necessary to get through the day. And at least up to 8 at night, I did great on this day. My weight was only at 77.1 kg from a start of 76.0.

The next step is to run for 90 minutes and eat just a small meal after the run. By “small meal,” I am thinking a maximum of .2 kg is ideal to ensure a good weight loss for Day 240. This appears to be an opportunity for huge weight loss so long as I maintain discipline after the workout. This should be pretty easy since it will be close to bedtime already, anyway.

My weight went down from about 77.0 to 75.9 as a result of the running session. As the weather gets warmer, I expect to have a little bit better results from these runs. 1.1 kg is not that great. However, I was running pretty slow today due to a fairly low level of energy. Yesterday’s 60-minute run was really fast, and that may have been a factor. And I also did not eat that much food today, which may have been another factor in having low energy. Nonetheless, this was still a decent workout.

I was naturally thirsty and had some water and a little bit of food after the jog. This increased my weight to about 76.4 kg at bedtime.

For some reason, I woke up at about 3 in the morning, and I had dropped to 76.2 kg. Then, I just couldn’t sleep for some reason. At about 5, I managed to get 3.5 to 4 more hours of sleep. I then weighed in a little early at 75.7 kg. So that was a decent loss of .7 kg overnight and a daily loss of .3 kg.

Although the last 3 days have been a roller coaster, they have resulted in a net weight loss of .6 kg. On Day 237, I had the big day of .8 kg weight loss, which included a 90-minute run. Day 238 saw a big change and a bad weight gain of .5 kg, including a 60-minute run. Finally, I was able to lose back .3 kg of that weight with a 90-minute run and very good diet choices.

I suppose that Day 241 is going to have a 60-minute run. My body feels more like a 45-minute run. But I am thinking that 60 minutes at an average pace is the best way to do. It won’t be fast like Day 238’s one-hour session. Rather, it will just be the typical medium intensity. This will let me work out while also letting my body recover a little by avoiding intense exercise.

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