Big Weight Loss On a 60-Minute Run Due To Warmer Weather; Still Gained Weight Today

Day 239

Today had an interesting workout result. Lately, my weight lost during workouts has dropped quite a bit. Sometimes, I even started to get worried. The weather was still pretty cold, and that probably combined with my intentional strategy of running more slowly to create less weight loss during workouts.

Today was much different than recent days. I ran for 60 minutes and lost about 1.4 kg. I see 2 likely factors in this result. First, I did run faster. At the end of the session, my heart rate was around 160. It has been as low as about 100 to 110 on some recent runs. Naturally, that is a much faster intensity and is going to result in more weight loss.

The second factor is likely the weather. I worked out in the afternoon, and the temperate here was pretty much a mix of cool and warm. It hardly ever gets hot here. But we are finally seeing some warmer weather in the middle of May.

I would have difficulty keeping this pace for 90 minutes. But for one hour, I had enough energy to push through the pain. There is no plan to do this every time. But it was just one of those days where it seemed like I had more energy than usual for whatever reason.

The run dropped me from 76.5 kg to 75.1 kg. However, as is often the case when you sweat a lot from working out, it is normal and even advisable to sufficiently rehydrate with plenty of water. And I drank a lot after the run and, along with eating some more, rose quite a bit. My weight was up to 76.4 at 8, and I was still hungry. So I may have gained a bit too much today. But yesterday was such a fantastic result that maybe my body is just balancing things out. So I am not worried about it. I may gain some by morning, but it’s not a surprise in this situation. I am already thinking about doing a 30-minute extra session in the morning. But that will depend on the results and how I feel.

After eating my final meal, I rose to 77.0, which seems like way too much. However, I did start to slowly drop before bedtime.

Although I had dropped to approximately 76.5 before bedtime, there was no substantial drop overnight. I finished at 76.0 kg, which was a weight gain of .5 kg for this daily period. This whole thing was quite a roller coaster. But I am not feeling too bad because the huge weight loss yesterday and the big gain today still showed an overall weight loss of .3 kg. It looks like the right time to run for 90 minutes on Day 240.

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