Huge Weight Loss Of .8 KG

Day 238

Starting Weight: 76.3 kg
Ending Weight: 75.5 kg
Result: lost .8 kg

My weight was about 77.2 at 5 in the afternoon. I had not yet done my workout because of work. So my regular jogging session will be tonight. I will eat one more meal today and am making something as I write this. So I should be done with all eating by 6 in th evening. Then, I expect to be running at approximately 8:30 tonight. The idea is to not eat anything at all after that exercise session. This is why the meal I am about to eat needs to be enough to tide me over until morning.

After the 5:30 meal, I shot up a somewhat uncomfortable amount, hitting 77.9 kg. However, this should be okay so long as I drop to about 77.5 before my run. In fact, even if I only fall to 77.7, I’ll likely lose weight by morning IF I refrain from eating anything after exercising. At 7, I was down to 77.8. My weight is not dropping very fast. But I’ll just do an extra session in the morning if I have to. Tomorrow morning, I will not accept any weight gain. I don’t care if a one-hour session is necessary to avoid that negative result. However, it does not appear that will be necessary since I am done eating for the night.

My weight went down to 76.5 during the run, which was a drop of about 1.2 kg. It is starting to finally get warmer here in Denmark after a cold winter and spring. So I’ll hopefully lose some extra weight during these runs. The 1.2, though, is close to average for runs that I went on before recently slowing down on purpose. My speed was a little bit faster today than recently. So the 1.2 is pretty much what I was expecting, although it’s always hard to predict.

Being at 76.5 before bedtime is excellent and only .2 kg above the morning weigh-in. I will likely hit 75.9 or even better by weigh-in time.

Actually, I checked and saw that I was around 76.2 before hitting the sack. It is very unusual to already be below the morning weigh-in even before going to sleep. It would be so easy to lose weight if this were normal. But it’s usually a matter of waiting and hoping and sometimes even being more than 1 kg over the morning weigh-in. However, this is just one of those times where everything turns out perfectly, including the fact that I did not eat after running (with the exception of a very lightweight snack of a small piece of bread and some liver spread).

At 7, I was still at about 76.0. This kind of makes sense because there probably wasn’t much food or water left to even digest at that point. Since I didn’t drink much of anything even after jogging, there probably wasn’t even a lot of weight to drop. Yet, I still ended up losing an additional .5 kg after going to the bathroom a couple more times. So I ended at 75.5 kg, which is the lowest I have been since December. This means I lost a huge .8 kg today.

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