Lost .3 KG After An Extra Exercise Session And a Roller Coaster Day

Day 236

After a pretty good day of weight loss (.2 kg) on Day 235, I had another run of about 90 minutes and lost 1.1 kg. Before the run, I had eaten my first meal and was at 77.1 kg from a start of 76.4. So the run put me back down to 76.0.

Unlike most recent days, my workout session was at about 10:30 in the morning. So I have a lot more food to eat the rest of the day. Thus, 76.0 at 12 in the afternoon is just a so-so start. As usual, I need to be careful about how much I eat the rest of the day. There is definitely a danger of eating too much since I have probably 3 smallish meals or one decent-sized meal and one small one to go before sleeping tonight.

I rose to about 77.2 after eating my post-workout meal and drinking some water. This is pretty consistent with my guideline of trying to not to go too far over my pre-workout weight. However, because it’s still only about 2 in the afternoon, it’s time to slow down and maybe eat 2 more small meals. Any further big meals would be a big problem and almost certainly make me gain weight during this 24-hour period.

I might end up doing an extra session in the morning. If I am anticipating a weight gain of more than .2 kg, then it will be time for an emergency session.

Well, when I ate my last meal, my weight rose dramatically to 77.9 kg. Most of the meal consisted of vegetables. So this may not be as bad as what it seems. But it looks like I will be running extra in the morning because there is almost no way that weight is coming off. However, it was about 5:45 in the evening after that last meal. So there is about 15 hours until the official weigh-in. We will see how much of this weight comes off overnight. But that seems like it’s too much even though a lot of it was vegetables.

When I woke up at about 6:30 in the morning, my weight had dropped quite a bit. I was at 76.8 kg, which at least avoids a really bad day either with or without an extra session this morning. If I were to do an extra session, I could easily show a weight loss. It’s 7:30, and I am still deciding what to do as far as an extra session. However, all things considered, this won’t be such a bad day because of the good drop overnight.

By 8, I dropped more to 76.6 kg. That was after going to the bathroom again.

When taking my daughter to school, it felt like a good time to do an extra session. I estimate that I would have broken even today. But after running for 40 minutes, my weight was 76.1 kg. So that means I lost .3 kg today with the aid of the “emergency exercise session.”

Today was like a crazy see-saw. I was up a little and down after working out. I then shot way up and then back down overnight. Finally, I ended with a solid weight loss due to the extra exercise session.

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