One of My Worst 24-Hour Results Ever

Day 234

Let me start by reviewing the past couple of days, which have been pretty bad. On Day 232, I ran for 60 minutes and gained .3 kg. Yesterday, I ran for 90 minutes and gained .1 kg. It appears that too much spaghetti was a big factor in this small weight gain yesterday. As for Day 232, it’s not really clear to me why I gained so much that day. Nothing stands out as a possible reason.

The last 2 days have shown a gain of .4 kg. This is a bad trend now and needs to be reversed. So today’s goal is to eat a little less, get in my normal exercise, and then hope for the best.

A good way to do this is to track even more intensely than usual. And in doing that, I found out that I was 76.8 after the first meal. And I did eat some more spaghetti, but I was more careful about how much.

By 3, I did have some more food and a lot of water and increased to 77.8 kg. It’s time to slow down now and reduce as much of that as possible (just by waiting for nature to take its course). I should be okay because a lot of the water weight is going to come right back out.

After rising to 77.9 from water, I started dropping and was at about 77.5 by the time of my run. I am a little hungry and will eat a final small meal after the workout. However, this is a very good situation compared to yesterday, where I was at about 77.9 right before the run. That’s a huge difference of .4 kg, or getting close to a full pound. The difference appears to be that I stopped eating at about 3 in the afternoon.

I had a decent weight loss for my 90-minute run, dropping from about 77.5 to 76.4. Although 1.1 kg is less than my average during Pentamize full weight-loss mode, it’s still a good loss in fairly cold weather. And it’s certainly better than recent days of hitting only .9 and that one bizarre day that showed only a loss of .7 kg.

Things got bizarre after the run. I had some water and a small final meal and rose to 77.1 kg. This was more than expected, but a lot of it was just water. So I expected my weight to come back down by morning. Strangely, I literally weighed myself at 77.0 when waking up. Even after going to the bathroom, I was still 76.8 kg.

There is something extremely bizarre about these numbers. Even though it was water, I had only dropped .3 kg overnight, including going to the bathroom. That is pretty much the lowest drop I could imagine. It’s still not time to weigh in yet.

As discussed before, the reason I don’t want to do an extra session yet is because I am trying to gauge whether the weight lost via those sessions gets put back on in ensuing days. The way this would happen is due to the fact that most of the weight lost is from water. However, working out extra should still provide some long-term benefits. It’s just less than the instant benefit because the instant benefit is an immediate loss that could be even more than 1 kg, depending on how long and hard the extra session is.

I am not sure what is going on. But at this point, what I thought was going to be a great day has turned into a disaster. My body is definitely not ready for an extra session, and it’s not the right time to do it, anyway. So I just have to accept this and get back to work on Day 235 with a normal long running session.

At my normal weigh-in time, I had dropped a little to 76.6 kg. This was a daily weight gain of .3 kg and a gain of .7 kg over the past 3 days. And as for the overnight weight loss, it was only .5 kg, which is below average but not as bad as the ridiculous .3 it was when I woke up.

Even though I have gained back a lot of weight over the past 3 days, the 76.6 is still .3 kg below my approximate starting mark of 76.9 before doing emergency exercise sessions. I am not writing off the extra sessions, as they can help you lose or maintain weight. However, it’s important not to get too excited at the great instant results because some of that may be put back on in ensuing days. Perhaps the best use of an emergency exercise session is to break through when you feel you have stalled. It gives you a sense of being in control again because the benefits are instant even if a little misleading in the short term.

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