Spaghetti Diet Mistakes Today

Day 233

Starting Weight: 76.2 kg
Ending Weight: 76.3 kg

I may have messed up badly today. After a poor result yesterday of a gain of .3 kg, Day 233 needed to be good. Unfortunately, I ate way too much and shot up to about 78.3 kg at around 4 in the afternoon.

What mistakes did I make today? Well, I ate some spaghetti, which is something you need to limit to begin with when watching carb intake. The noodles have carbs. And my own experience is that excessive carbs cause me to gain weight. I don’t eat a no-carb diet and don’t even specifically count how much I eat in carbohydrates. However, my rule of approximately 2 slices of bread a day keeps me in line. The problem with eating spaghetti is that it’s more difficult to gauge how much of it you are eating. Perhaps I just ate too much without realizing it.

In addition to spaghetti, I made a batch of avocado smoothies that included an entire avocado. Generally, this is probably a fine choice, as avocadoes are generally considered to be healthy. But it’s possible that the milk and avocado combined was a little too much.

So regardless of the reason, my weight shot up way too much in the early part of this day. So as I am writing this at about 5, I am going to have to sacrifice by skipping a small meal. I won’t be eating any more food today unless my results from the 90-minute jogging session get me down to about 76.8. That would give me room for a smallish meal or snack to end the day.

Based on my previous results, I would have no problem getting down to 76.8. However, I have been losing less during my runs lately for reasons that are still not 100% clear. It could be my slower pace, which I am happy with. Recently, I decided that I simply cannot run hard anymore. And I have actually lost weight since reducing my speed. Thus, even though I am losing less during the workouts, consistent Pentamize diet tracking has helped me continue to maintain my weight, along with some extra exercise sessions in the mornings.

My hope is that extra exercise sessions will not be necessary in the long run. Recently, it seemed like a good time to more extensively test these “extreme measures,” and the results have been great. Read my last week or so of blog posts for more on this topic.

It may be difficult to do an extra session in the morning since my run tonight definitely must be 90 minutes. But if necessary, I may do one, anyway. However, it’s too early to say what is going to happen. As of 5, I had dropped to about 78.1 kg. If the drop continues over the next 3 hours or so before the run, then I could be in much better shape to avoid weight gain by the end of this 24-hour period.

My weight sure didn’t drop much by the time of my run, which was at 9. I was still around 77.9, and I had a disappointing loss of only 1.0 kg despite going back to my normal running shoes. And my heart rate was over 130 this time, which is more than my recent slower pace. At any rate, the 1.0 kg was half decent and put me at 76.9 kg. After going to the bathroom twice and eating, I was 77.1 kg.

Regardless of what happens by morning, I have decided not to do any extra workout. This was not designed to be a daily or even semi-daily thing. I feel it’s better to just gauge how my regular workouts are going for now. And if I gain too much back, it’s easy to plan one or more emergency exercise sessions to lose the weight again. Hopefully, I am just on a normal fluctuation of weight gain and will be ready to lose more soon.

2 hours before the weigh-in, I was at 76.5 kg. I am still sticking to the plan of not doing any more exercise this morning. What I am looking for now is the possibility that the weight lost during recent exercise sessions gets put back on in subsequent days. It would take a lot of Pentamize tracking to make that determination, not just one round of doing something like this. Nonetheless, it is worthy to start that tracking to see if it’s a possibility.

So far, I am still ahead because I would have been 76.9 (approximately) had I not done the first of 3 exercise sessions. That was on Day 228. So I am still well below that amount and showing a weight loss. However, it’s not really possible to directly compare doing extra sessions and not doing extra sessions since you can’t do 2 things of this nature at the same time. That’s why it is difficult to get a bead on whether and to what extent this extreme method helps weight loss. Let’s say I did not extra sessions at all. It’s not possible to say what I would weigh at this point. This method certainly helps over the course of 24 hours. But due to the inability to directly compare past the 24-hour point, how a short-term weight loss translates over a longer period of time is not clear. Regardless, the method is still highly recommended to “get out of a rut” or reverse course when you are experiencing disappointing results.

My final weight today was 76.3 kg. That resulted in a small weight gain of .1 kg. Too much pasta probably did it to me.

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