Strange Results On a 90-Minute Run

Day 232

I have used my Pentamize techniques to track results of 90-minute runs for many months now. During full weight-loss mode, I actually averaged a weight loss of about 1.5 kg during these sessions. And in the early part of maintenance mode, I dropped a little to about 1.2. However, this included a lot of winter months. So that number could be misleading since season changes could also result in different statistics when running outside like I do.

Something really weird happened last night. I realize that I have been running more slowly on purpose. But last night, I only lost .7 kg during an 87-minute run. While my pace was a little slow, it certainly didn’t seem to be below average. My heart rate was about 105 to 110 at the end. And while that is below average, it’s not very much.

I have no idea why I only lost .7 kg during that workout. However, when doing an extra session in the morning and running only 33 minutes at a somewhat faster pace (but not that much faster), I lost .3 kg. So the .7 may have been some weird aberration due to water content or something. I just have no idea. I did sweat, as well. So it’s not like I noticed any physical anomalies.

At any rate, the good news is that I still ended up losing .3 kg yesterday. And if you add up the amount lost during the two workouts, it was 1.0 kg. Of course, the normal result is to lose less overall than the amount you lose during working out unless you are burning off a lot of calories doing something else. So losing .3 kg over the 24-hour period with a 1.0 kg loss from exercise sessions is perfectly fine and probably even better than average.

I can’t explain the .7 kg anomaly. But it was still a great day, and the emergency exercise session in the morning turned it into an excellent day for weight loss.

Going forward (including a run of 60 to 75 minutes tonight), I will continue to use my Pentamize tracking to make sure that this was just a weird random result. If it were to start happening on a regular basis, there might be something wrong. And that would be potentially really hard to fix because I just can’t run for more than 90 minutes on a regular basis.

One possible issue is that I wore some shoes that are not really good running shoes. That may have slowed me down more than I realized. Yet, I wore those same shoes during the morning run, where I lost .3 in only 30 minutes. Thus, it is not clear that the shoes are a problem. Nonetheless, I will wear them again tonight and see what happens so I can compare directly with last night’s results. A change of shoes could be a variable that would cause a misleading comparison.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, I was up to about 77.5 kg. To ensure that I lose weight by morning with no need for any kind of second session, I’d probably have to starve the rest of the day. That’s just not going to happen because I am still hungry. So the numbers aren’t looking good yet. But as always, starving is never the answer for me. However, limiting my food intake while closely tracking is crucial.

My results were a little better than yesterday. Although I lost .6 kg, that was in an hour instead of almost a full 90 minutes. So the rate of weight loss during today’s exercise session was much better than yesterday’s. It would have worked out to about .9 kg of loss today instead of .7. And I did wear the same shoes. My heart rate was roughly 110 at the end of the session.

Sitting at 76.8 after the run and a small snack to go, it looks like I will be over in the morning. But I am not that tired after tonight’s jog. So I am ready to do a short extra session to either reduce the gain or do enough to show a loss.

I weighed in at 77.1 at bedtime. That is way over, so things aren’t looking good at the moment. At about 6:45 in the morning, I woke up and went to the bathroom and was at 76.4 kg. That is a pretty good drop so far. If my weight continues to drop over the next 3 hours before weigh-in time, then I just won’t do any extra exercise. A weight gain today seems normal, anyway, since I have lost .6 kg (net weight loss) over the last 4 days. If I am 76.1 or under, that’s good enough for me. If I am 76.2, then I will do a short session.

I finished today at 76.2. Due to a scheduling problem, I was not able to do the extra session (even a short one). So I just had to accept a weight gain of .3 today. That means I gave back the .3 that I lost yesterday. But this is okay. I ran a shorter distance last night, and you have to gain sometimes even if you are doing the right things in terms of both diet and exercise.

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