Summarizing My Successful “Emergency Exercise Session” Results The Past 2 Days

Day 230

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Exercise Result: lost .8 kg after a 72-minute run
Ending Weight: 76.2 kg
Overall Result: gained .1 kg

A portion of the Pentamize Weight Loss System covers what my be referred to as extreme measures. I tried one of these methods on both of the past 2 days. The results were amazing. In this blog post, I’ll run down the 2 daily results and then summarize the overall result, which was a good amount of weight loss.

On Day 228, I lost .2 kg using an emergency exercise session. And on Day 229, I lost another .2 kg. Thus, my total weight loss over this 2-day period was .4 kg.

Now, you may think that .4 kg is not so good. But I am not finished yet. The key is what would have happened had I not used the emergency exercise sessions. This can only be estimated because you can’t get a perfect calculation once you do the emergency session. In other words, once you start an emergency exercise session, you won’t know for sure how much you would have lost without the session. However, because these sessions are done over a short period of time (50 minutes and 32 minutes on these 2 days here) and shortly before the official weigh-in, then you can get a good estimate because you wouldn’t lose much weight at all in less than an hour. Additionally, you are obviously not going to the bathroom or eating anything during a workout. So there isn’t any reason I am aware of to believe that the comparison is off by more than a small amount, such as .1 kg.

For Day 228, I estimate that I would have had a large weight gain of approximately .4 kg. But since I ended up losing .2 kg, the emergency exercise session resulted in an approximate positive change of .6 kg. It also turned a definite weight gain into an actual weight loss. There is no way I would have lost .6 kg in a couple of hours, which is what would have been necessary to lose weight without the emergency exercise session.

Day 229 was kind of strange in that I had a bit of a cheat day. Yet, I actually would have come close to breaking even without the emergency session. I estimate that I would have gained .1 kg. But because I actually lost .2 kg, the extra session resulted in an approximate positive change of .3 kg.

There was something else that was odd about this day. I ran for 32 minutes and did it pretty fast. At least the last portion of the run was getting close to high intensity. I even measured my heart rate at 156 at the end of the session (my resting rate is in the 50s, so this is high for me). Yet, I only lost .3 kg during this short but hard running session. Nonetheless, it turned either a breakeven day or a day with a small weight gain into a second day in a row with a weight loss. By “second day,” I mean that I did an emergency exercise session two days in a row and lost weight on both days.

Let me do the final comparison. Over these 2 days, I estimate that I would have gained .5 kg. Yet, I actually lost .4 kg in all when doing these sessions. That is a positive swing of about .9 kg. If that doesn’t convince you that emergency exercise sessions have the potential to help you lose weight, then I don’t think there is anything else I can tell you. I would not do these every day, and they are not designed for that. But when you need them, both of these days show the great potential of this method.

As far as learning all the details of an emergency exercise session and how to do it, you can use the Pentamize book. However, you can also glean how this is done by reading this blog’s posts for Days 228 and 229.

Note that trying this every day could cause you to experience diminishing results. In no way am I trying to say that 2 days is enough to get an actual average weight loss result. The idea here is to show you how it can work really good. The term “emergency” is meant to imply that you are not supposed to do it every day. That’s why it’s called an “emergency” exercise session. But when you do it, it has huge potential to reduce weight gain on a really bad day or even turn an expected weight-gain result into a weight loss. And in this case, Day 228 was a huge turnaround. Yet, I turned right back around and lost more weight the very next day by using the same method.

It is doubtful that I will do an emergency session on Day 330. But if I see that I am going to be more than .2 kg over, I will do a short one. I will go ahead and accept a small weight gain because I can’t use this method every day, anyway. And it’s pretty normal to gain a little weight on some days, anyway. You just don’t want it to be a majority of the days because a day with weight gain can be real disaster. Conversely, it is more unusual to have a day of huge weight loss unless you starve.

After possibly eating all meals for the day, I was at 77.8 kg. Since I still have to work out in about an hour, I might be eating a small snack later. But it certainly won’t be much. With a 77.8, I’ll need to lose about 1.0 kg to expect to not have to do an extra session in the morning. This assumes that any food intake and bathroom usage and any other naturally occurring weight loss even out. As long as I drop that 1.0 kg, I almost surely will at least drop .5 kg overnight. That would put me at .2 kg over, which is not good on average but okay for today’s situation. Anything more than 76.3 in the morning will force me to do an extra session.

After waking up and using the bathroom, I was still 76.4. That was around 8 in the morning. I thought about doing a run of about 30 minutes, put on my clothes, walked outside, and changed my mind. For some reason, the word “NO” was in my head when I was about to start running. At that point, it just seemed like accepting a small weight gain was the right way to go. So I will either drop or not drop by weigh-in time. And I will just accept whatever my weight is this morning and move on to try for a better day tomorrow.

At weigh-in time, I was 76.2 kg, which made for a reasonable gain of .1 kg today. That is fine after 2 days of losing weight while using extreme measures.

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