More On The “Evening Dominator” Weight Loss Method

Day 229

Yesterday was a brilliant day. I tested out one of my techniques to about the max level that I am going to do. That is because I had already run the typical 75 to 90 minutes. It was actually 82 minutes yesterday. Then, I realized that I was going to be overweight. So I did an extra exercise session.

The end result was great. Instead of an approximate weight gain of .4 kg (this can only be estimated, but that’s certainly close), I lost .2 kg. So I had a positive swing of about .6 kg. However, the most important of this result is that I turned a day of weight gain into a day of weight loss. And if you can do that almost at will, imagine your potential to lose or maintain weight.

As I stated in the headline of yesterday’s blog post, it was absolutely the most important post I have written so far. But for even more information, you can get my Pentamize weight loss book and read up on “emergency exercise sessions” and the “Evening Dominator” method. These are definitely the most aggressive weight-loss methods that I use. And as you can see from yesterday’s results, this is why they ended up making it into the book. I don’t use this method often. But when necessary, you sometimes have to sacrifice and put in the extra work to achieve results.

It was exhilarating to turn a terrible day of weight gain (would have been almost a pound) into a day of actual weight loss. It just can’t be done every day unless you are totally hardcore. But it’s like an equalizer. When you falter, just use this method to make up for it. This doesn’t mean you will lose weight 100% of the days that you use it. If you have a cheat day and eat way too much, then an emergency exercise session might not be able to take all the extra weight off. But it can reduce the weight gain on that day and set you up for a recovery in the days to come.

For example, if you just eat a whole bunch on a cheat day, you can consider doing one of these “Evening Dominator” sessions 2 or 3 days in a row to either lose all the extra weight or at least speed up your recovery. Sometimes, it has taken me more than a week to recover fully from a cheat day. So this method could be used to speed up that process.

I actually had somewhat of a cheat day today due to the fact that there was some stuff to take care of. And it had been a while, so I ate at a fast food restaurant and had a frapuccino. But it wasn’t a buffet or anything like that. So while I rose from 76.3 to 78.1 before the run, cheat days are sometimes way worse than that.

I did have an oddly disappointing run result when dropping to only 77.3 and 77.2 after using the bathroom. But a drop of only .8 kg in 78 minutes of running is strangely low. Hopefully, I won’t have to do another extra exercise session. But I will do one if it looks like I am going to be over 76.5 kg. If I am near 76.5, though, I will accept a small weight gain like that on a “semi” cheat day. Otherwise, I am going to go and do another session in the morning and lose whatever I need to lose.

In the morning, I was 76.7 and did not seem to be going down after an hour of being awake. So I decided to run about 45 minutes. Instead, I actually finished at 32 minutes and lost .3 kg.

After the extra session, I did lose an additional .3 kg from going to the bathroom. So my estimate is that I would have either broken even or gained about .1 kg if I had not done the extra session. Instead, I got down to 76.1 kg and lost .2 kg.

Now, remember that this was on a partial cheat day. I had a cheeseburger, fries, a coke, and a frapuccino. And I still lost weight. This technique has worked 2 days in a row and saved me from probably gaining weight on a partial cheat day.

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