The Most Important Pentamize Weight Loss Blog Post I Have Written Yet

Day 228

After a small weight loss of .1 kg yesterday, I’d like to have an even bigger one. I don’t want to start sliding back down and reach 77.0 again. I wouldn’t be upset if doing that on a cheat day, which is needed from time to time. But for now, I’d like to stay in the 76 range or possibly even get into the 75 range.

I had an 82-minute running session at 5:20 in the afternoon today. At that time, my weight had risen from a start of 76.5 to 78.1. The results of the run were disappointing from the standpoint that I lost only .9 kg. However, I went to the bathroom and immediately lost .2 kg more, getting back down to 77.0.

I decided to have a small breezer after the run, and I will have one smallish meal. The weight is not looking good at this point. But we’ll see what I weigh after finishing my last small meal. I’ll also likely go to the bathroom at least twice later since that always happens when I drink pretty much anything. With several more hours before bed, I have to drink some fluids, anyway. Of course, a breezer is hardly the right choice of fluid. LOL. But it appears that most of it is sparkling water.

The bottle says that the breezer is 275 ml. And after drinking it, my scale said 77.3 kg, which is .3 kg more than after the run. So the 275 ml registered as an increase of 300 grams. I presume that is because the scale measures in tenths of a kilogram.

I am going to use an extreme measure that I sometimes refer to as an Evening Dominator if it looks like I am going to gain weight on this Day 228. However, the Evening Dominator session will actually be in the morning instead of evening in this case. The way I am going to do this is to weigh myself about an hour to two hours before the official weigh-in time. If I see that I am going to be over, then I will go out and do an extra jogging session.

How long such a “Dominator” session is depends on how long it needs to be. You just look at how much you need to lose and exercise accordingly. I will say exactly what I did if I determine in the morning that I need to do this.

This technique may be the best thing in my Pentamize book because you can almost guarantee weight loss if you follow it. But alas, there is certainly no guarantee because you could have such a big diet problem that even this extreme measure might be insufficient. Of course, some people have medical problems that could also prevent this technique from guaranteeing weight loss.

I somewhat unexpectedly rose to about 78.0 after eating. A lot of it is due to fluids, so a lot of it is going to come back out in the bathroom or get absorbed quickly in the body. At any rate, it looks like I will have the opportunity to use my “Dominator” method in the morning.

By 10 at night, I went down to around 77.7 kg. This is not going well yet. However, I already expect to get extreme in the morning. And I am ready for that but will certainly not eat anything else.

Results were very poor for weight lost during sleep time. I went down to 77.1 kg by about 7:45 in the morning. At that point, I knew that I was going to be way over if I didn’t do my extra workout session. The typical weight lost shortly before weighing in is roughly .2 kg. So I anticipated that I would be about 76.9 kg at weigh-in time. That would put me .4 kg over – a minor disaster. And this is why the decision was made to do the extra session.

I estimated that 50 minutes at a fairly brisk pace would probably be enough to lose the necessary .4 kg. Actually, I would expect to lose a little more than that. But it’s good to have a little wiggle room for this method.

As expected, the workout was enough. I dropped from 77.1 to 76.4 kg, turning a certain weight gain into a definite weight loss. I still had close to an hour before weigh-in time. And my weight dropped to 76.3 kg. Since I estimate that I would have been 76.9 kg, that is a positive change of about .6 kg.

If you read nothing else, read this post and apply it. Read it again and again if you need to to understand how the method works. I just turned a probable gain of .4 kg into a weight loss of .2 kg. No, this is not advisable to do every day. But you do it when it’s necessary. Although it’s obviously more advisable to just follow a proper diet if that works for you, these kinds of emergency procedures are available when you need them.

Now, some people may claim that the extra session is just lost water weight. Yes, you are losing mostly water weight in an exercise session. But in the long run, you are presumably getting better results. Besides, I am making no health claims here. I am just telling you what is helping me maintain weight with no drugs, no surgery, and no starving. And all exercise sessions mainly lose water weight in the short term. So that would be a silly excuse not to exercise. You are still getting the positive effects even though the amount of fat loss is less than the amount of water loss.

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