Eating Pizza Is One Of My Favorite Weight Loss Topics

Day 227

As I stated yesterday, I will be running in the evening today. And as of 7 at night, I have decided to only eat about .1 to .2 kg of food after that run. As long as the result of my run (about 90 minutes) is decent, I will likely be in decent shape to break even or lose weight.

It’s hard to predict what is going to happen as far as losing weight during a run. It has varied greatly lately, from a low of .9 kg all the way up to over 1.5 kg. And I have no clue exactly what causes the large fluctuation unless it’s just a matter of unusually high or low intensity. At times, I will consciously run more slowly. And those are, in fact, some of the days where I see a small weight loss during the run of only about .9 or 1.0 kg. For a 90-minute jog, it is rare for me to do a high-intensity workout. In fact, I would never do high intensity for a full 90 minutes. That is just not in the cards for me.

Today, I anticipate a somewhat slower run, but I want to get close to 90 minutes. Even 75 would seem short today because I have eaten just enough that a really poor run result could cause me to gain weight over this 24-hour period. Or eating just a little too much after the run (more than about .2 kg) could cause me to go over.

My weight was 78.2 before the run, and I had a pretty good result of 1.3 kg of weight loss. That put me down to 76.9 kg. So I can afford to eat about .2 kg of food and be done for the night.

A couple of days ago, I lost .6 kg even after eating pizza. This is one of my favorite topics. I see people saying “that’s not in my diet” and similar phrases. And while that might work for some people (completely eliminating certain things from your diet forever), it just doesn’t work for me. Instead, I eat the bad stuff in moderation.

Incidentally, most of a pizza isn’t even that bad. Since carbs kill my weight maintenance plans, the crust is probably the only thing I really worry about. Pizza is something I eat when my weight allows for it. This is another reason why I track so religiously. By knowing that I am in good shape at 6 at night, that gives me the opportunity to eat pizza or something that I like, but in moderation. For example, with pizza, I can eat a store-bought pie that is about .3 kg when I know I can afford to eat that much and still probably not gain weight at the morning weigh-in.

There are other tracking factors involved, and I lay those out in the Pentamize system. But the main point here is that many people, like myself, can still afford to eat some of the good stuff like pizza even on a permanent diet. But moderation is the key. And you eat in moderation by tracking how much you are eating and also factoring in your progress on a particular day. So can you eat pizza or chips every day? Probably not. But when you track like I do, you will know when it’s time to eat what you want, provided you maintain the proper amount of moderation.

Today was weird after the run. I was at 77.1 at bedtime, which was great. And for some reason, I woke up at around 5:30 and was only 76.8. That is a ridiculously low drop of .3 kg. But I did manage to drop another .3 by weigh-in time. That put me at 76.5 kg, which was a meager weight loss of .1 kg on the day. But any loss is a success.

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