Gained Back Half The Weight I Lost Yesterday

Day 226

Starting Weight: 76.3 kg
Weight Before 90-Minute Run: 77.3 kg
Weight After Run: 76.3 kg
Final Weight: 76.6 kg
Final Result: gained .3 kg

Today definitely did not go off as well as yesterday. To some extent, this is natural because I am coming off a day where I lost .6 kg, which is well over a pound. So my body might reverse itself and retain water. This is not any kind of certainty, though. While my Pentamize tracking history has many examples of losing a large amount of weight on one day and still losing at least a little the next day, a “bounce back” effect is normal.

I only had so-so results on the run today, as well. After a good start to the day, where my weight was 77.3 kg before an afternoon run, my weight only dropped about 1.0 kg during the session. It ideally should at least be a little more than that. However, depending on diet, water retention, and other factors, it is still possible to lose weight under this scenario.

The problem today is I was just a little too hungry and probably ate slightly too much. And if you add that my body may have retained more water than usual, it was going to be difficult. I rose to roughly 77.4 kg before bedtime, and my weight didn’t seem to be coming down very much the last couple of hours before going to bed. Thus, I was not really expecting good results for the morning weigh-in.

After getting up, I weighed in at 76.9 and then 76.8 after going to the bathroom. That was still a little time before the weigh-in. But it was clear the end result was going to be terrible. So I already knew that extreme measures would probably be necessary to recover from this. My workout for Day 227 will be in the evening, so there will be plenty of time to assess the situation. There is one big advantage to working out in the evening and after you have eaten all or almost all of your food for the day. But it is far from a foolproof way to lose or maintain weight. I will discuss evening workouts in the next blog post.

These kinds of days are very disappointing. When you don’t really do anything wrong and still gain about a half a pound, it’s disheartening. But consistency works once you have an effective system even though individual days are problematic. The key to weight loss is to track everything (I developed my own Pentamize system for this very purpose) until you have that winning system. Then, your ability to follow that system (willpower, consistency, tracking and adjusting when necessary, and the like) will be the determining factor. If you don’t yet have a winning system, the Pentamize book can help you.

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