No Choice Now But To Enact Extreme Measures

Day 225

Although a weight that is around 77.0 kg is not that much over my target maintenance weight of 75.0, the trend the past 4 days has been ugly. Since hitting 76.3 and officially ending my post-vacation recovery period, everything has been bad. I have been consistently gaining, and this appears to be past the point of being a normal small weight gain from natural fluctuations. So I have no choice now but to take some extreme measures.

I prefer to take extreme measures only when necessary. And 4 days in a row of gaining weight is not acceptable. So it’s time to do this because I am tired of this ugly swing.

My exercise session will be in the afternoon, at about 1 to 2:30. I must do the full 90 minutes today, but how fast the pace will be is going to depend on my energy level. For me, extreme measures do not typically mean a high-intensity workout. I may work out longer if necessary. But high intensity is rarely the answer for me. Part of the problem is that I will just get thirstier or hungrier, which seems to be part of the reason my weight has gone up the past few days. So running faster is likely not the answer.

In this case, I am going to watch my diet, have a decent run, and then check my weight in the evening. If I am over 77.5 kg, then I am going to go out and run again, but definitely for far less than 90 minutes. The goal here is to lose weight, not to kill myself. And my body is definitely not in shape to suddenly run 3 hours in a 24-hour period. But an extra session of 30 to 45 minutes at night is possible.

This kind of extreme measure is not something I usually do and would generally not even advise doing it. But there are times when you have to sacrifice. And that time is now for me. I am fed up with this and now have no other choice. However, if my weight is 77.5 or under in the evening, then I don’t have to resort to an extra workout because I will probably lose weight by morning, anyway.

By the way, this is one of my extreme measures that I teach in the Pentamize Weight Loss System ebook. Get it from the home page of this website and learn the exact steps I have taken to lose weight.

My weight was about 77.6 before running today. That was a good start on the diet. My results were not quite as good as yesterday. But I did drop to 76.6 by the end of the run and 76.5 after going to the bathroom.

To avoid having to do an extra workout tonight, the goal is to watch my diet and slowly drink water instead of just gulping a bunch of it right after the run. I’ll probably run for about 30 minutes just for good measure, anyway. But if I am well below 77.5, I might not do the extra session.

In an odd twist, I actually ate some pizza this evening. My weight was 76.9 kg at about 8:30 at night. In other words, I was already at my morning weigh-in without taking any extreme measures. As expected, I just watched my diet and sipped water slowly instead of gulping a lot of it down after the workout. There was plenty of room to eat one more meal. It raised me to about 77.2, and I was down to 77.1 by bedtime.

I got up at 6 to go the bathroom and weighed in at 76.6 kg. This was already a loss of .3 kg on the day, with likely quite a bit more to come before the official weigh-in. With about 3 hours to go, I may even drop back down to 76.3, which would eliminate all of the weight gain from the last 4 days (not counting today).

At my 9:30 a.m. weigh-in, I came in at exactly 76.3 kg. This means that I did completely erase the last 4 days of weight gain all in one day. And I lost .6 kg today while eating pizza! I will talk more about pizza in tomorrow’s blog post.

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