Now Possibly 4 Days Of Weight Gain In a Row

Day 224

Today could be the 4th day in a row of gaining weight. Obviously, I would like to avoid this if possible. I mean, I have worked out all 3 of these days and have still gained every time.

It is true that I am running a little less, and my diet hasn’t been so good. It’s not clear yet whether running less has been a factor. But I have continued to lose a similar amount during the workouts as compared to running for 90 minutes. So my belief is that I am just eating a little too much.

Things started good today and got a little weird. Before my early afternoon run, my diet was pretty good. I was about 77.7 kg. Then, I ran for 82 minutes and got all the way down to 76.3 kg. That was a good drop of about 1.4 kg during this workout.

After exercising, I ate a fairly small amount but drank a lot of water. And I shot back up to approximately 78.2 kg. While this was mostly water, it seemed to be staying in my body for hours. When checking at 7:30, my weight was still around 78.0. This should not be a long-term problem. But it might affect my morning weigh-in.

I also need to eat one more small snack, as my diet has actually been pretty disciplined today. I genuinely need just a little more food before bedtime. If the water stays in my body, then I just have to accept that for this 24-hour period. But I am not going to let something like that force me to eat less than an appropriate amount of food.

It appears the same thing happened today that happened yesterday. After drinking a lot of water, it just isn’t all being disposed of by weigh-in time. I can’t think that I overate today. But when I woke up, I was 77.2 kg. That is about 2 hours before the official weigh-in. However, even after going to the bathroom more than once, my weight ended up being 76.9 kg at the weigh-in. That made for a breakeven day. So while I did not gain 4 days in row, I also have not lost any weight for 4 days in a row because of this breakeven day.

I have decided that extreme measures may be necessary to buck this trend. Read all about that in Day 225’s blog post.

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