Trying to Avoid 3 Days Of Weight Gain In a Row

Day 223

Starting Weight: 76.8 kg
Weight Before Run: about 78.2 kg
Weight After Run: about 77.0 kg
Run Duration: 75 minutes
Final Weigh-In Result: 76.9 and gained .1 kg

Day 223 is an important day because I am on the verge of a really bad downswing at this point. Over the past 2 days, I have gained a total of .5 kg, with .3 of it coming yesterday. I need to reverse this trend as soon as possible.

Although my run was 75 minutes today, the results were better than some recent 90-minute runs. I lost about 1.2 to 1.3 kg during this workout. This could be partly attributable to the fact that this has been (or at least felt like) the warmest day of this spring so far. However, I timed out in my head that I was going to finish before 90 minutes. So I consciously sped up during parts of the run to get a better workout. And at the end, my heart rate was about 133. That is much better than recent numbers, which have fallen all the way down to around 100 on some days.

That slower rate is still fine for 90-minute workouts. But it is probably a little too slow if I am going to run only about 75 minutes. A somewhat more intense pace can at least partially make up for the fact that the run is shorter. But I can’t push it too much because part of my permanent lifestyle change is to stick to only a moderate intensity. High-intensity workouts just burn me the heck out, and that risks getting off a routine exercise schedule due to either injury or the increased need to take breaks.

I may end up gaining again, but it won’t be due to excessive eating after the run. If anything, I may have eaten too much before. Although I rose back to about 77.8 after the run, a lot of that was water. I did have a snack, but it was about .4 kg all together. That doesn’t seem like too much at all. So if I gain any weight today, it is probably due as much to a natural upward fluctuation as anything else. There is nothing in particular that I need to fix.

Regardless of tomorrow morning’s weigh-in result, I plan on putting in a full 90-minute run tomorrow, or at least really close to it. Certainly, I need a turnaround after the past 2 days and today looking like it could be bad again.

My weight dropped by pretty much an average amount overnight. I ended at 76.9 kg, which was a small weight gain of .1 kg. Although this is 3 days in a row of gaining weight, I don’t feel bad about today. This is more or less breaking even, and it was likely due to temporary water retention. Nonetheless, I need to turn this around soon. There aren’t many excuses left when you gain weight 3 days in a row. My diet choices or amount eaten is probably going to have to change soon.

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