Another Day of Weight Gain When Drinking Fruit Juice

Day 222

After a fairly small weight gain of .2 kg yesterday, it would have been preferable to exercise better diet control. Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen in the early part of the day.

I whipped up and had some fruit smoothies, which are probably not actually that bad. There was only a little bit of sugar in the smoothies. However, I also drank a can of coconut juice, and about 20% of that was sugar or similar bad ingredients. Along with eating a little too much, I shot way up to about 78.5 kg by 3 in the afternoon. Now, this is not necessarily all that bad because some of it is water weight. Nonetheless, an increase of 2 kg early in the day is pretty alarming unless almost all of it is from water.

I need to slow down the rest of the day and have minimal food intake. This is another example of what I blogged about a few days ago, which is making modifications on the fly. Using my Pentamize techniques, the way you would know that you need to make modificiations is to weigh yourself in the middle of the day. I don’t mean that you have to weigh yourself constantly. But if you realize that you are probably overeating, you can always check yourself. And when you realize you are suddenly 4 pounds over in the middle of the day, you may be in big trouble. This is exactly what has happened to me today. Again, some of it is due to water. But I sense excessive food intake, as well. So it’s time to eat less the rest of the day even if that means sacrificing by being a little hungry.

Before the run, I dropped a little to 78.3 kg. Then, I ran for 83 minutes and lost 1.2 kg. That dropped me to 77.1 kg. And I needed to go to the bathroom, which got me down to 77.0 kg. At that point, I did need a little more food. To be on the safe side, I need to limit my food intake to about .3 kg.

Unfortunately, I had a little too much and rose to 77.7 kg before bedtime. That was a surprise, as I thought my weight would be around 77.4 to 77.5. But this kind of micromanaging of weight starts to get ridiculous. So if I eat a little too much from time to time, so be it. On the other hand, this is also a very good example of how meticulous tracking can help you lose weight. Without doing any Pentamize tracking, I would be guessing every day. At least with the tracking, I have the tools, information, and statistics to analyze my diet and exercise. I am not perfect, but my Pentamize system keeps me in line just enough to manage my weight as long as I can summon the willpower to follow the numbers a reasonable amount of the time. Perfection is not possible and frankly not even desired for me. But just a reasonable amount of willpower has helped me drop from 233 to my current weight of about 170.

My weight dropped quite a bit overnight, and my final weight in the morning was 76.8 kg. So I gained about .3 kg today. After 2 rough days, it’s time to try to have a better result on Day 223.

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