5-Day “Time-Matching Weight Maintenance Strategy” Test Starts Today

Day 253

Today, I decided to start a 5-day test that is designed so that I break even. I am only trying to maintain over these 5 days, not actually lose weight. Maintaining, as opposed to losing, is fine once you have reached or are very close to your target weight. So you don’t necessarily focus on losing weight anymore because you have already met your goal. So one approach is to modify your diet and exercise in just a way that you break even each day.

One way to maintain is to use what I will call the “time matching” weight maintenance strategy. And I will be testing this for 5 days starting exactly today.

Time matching means running (or doing some other preferred workout) only the time you need to break even on your weight. The best way to do this is to do your exercise right before your final weigh-in each day. That way, you can actually calculate how much you need to lose the break even. It’s not required to do the workout right before your final weigh-in. But it makes it a lot easier because you can determine exactly how much weight you need to lose while exercising.

If you do your exercise earlier, then you can only guess how much you need to lose. That is, if you are going to eat more after exercising but before the weigh-in, then you would also have to calculate how much you are going to eat. So it’s just easier to weigh yourself before exercise, match the time of your session with how much you need to lose, and then calculate your final weight.

Each day of this 5-day test will provide specific numbers and results. Today, I started at 75.5 kg, meaning the goal is to stay right around 75.5. I am not trying to lose weight. But it’s okay if I either lose or gain a small amount.

Before my run, I was 76.7 kg. Now, in order to do your time matching, it is helpful to have done Pentamize tracking already so you know how long you need to work out. In this case, I needed to lose 1.2 kg. And based on my experience, that looked like about a 90-minute session for me.

I decided to run a 90-minute session. And I lost 1.3 kg, ending at 75.4 kg. That meant that I lost .1 kg today. So the first day of this 5-day test was just about right on the money.

Massive Weight Loss Of Almost 2 Pounds In One Day

Day 252

After what was starting to look like a freefall, I completely reversed course today and lost .9 kg. That is almost 2 full pounds.

You might think that I starved myself or did something special to accomplish this huge one-day weight loss. Actually, I didn’t do anything special and don’t actually have a strong clue as to the factors that allowed this to happen. For some reason, I just had massive weight loss today after going in the wrong direction for several days.

Once you have a plan for weight loss in place, such as by using my Pentamize system, then these sorts of days just happen from time to time, but not often in my own experience. Rather, days with weight loss are generally .5 kg or less. And they are usually only .1 to .3 kg. This kind of big day occurs probably only about 3 to 5 percent of the time. I don’t have the exact percentage. But it’s not typical for me to personally lose close to 2 pounds in a single day.

The 3 days before this, I had plummeted from 75.6 to 76.4 kg. That is .8. So I erased all of that weight gain plus .1 kg more in a single day.

I will now attempt to find opportunities to run less than 90 minutes because my body is not in the greatest of shape at the moment. I have held up okay, but my body does need to slow down and is starting to feel some fatigue from far too many of these long workouts. Yesterday, I did run only 30 minutes. But that resulted in a weight gain of .4 kg. So going forward the next few days, I will attempt to run about 45 to 70 minutes as long as my weight is not too high at the beginning of the run. If my Pentamize tracking dictates that I am too far over, then I will still run longer if that is necessary to avoid a substantial weight gain.

Losing a lot of weight in one day is not necessarily a good cause to start celebrating. You can end up gaining a lot of that back the very next day. Just as you may unexpectedly have a great day of weight loss, you can just as easily have an unexpected poor day of weight gain. There are times when you can reward yourself with something good to eat, but this is not really one of those times. For more on how to time your food rewards, you can purchase the Pentamize Weight Loss System from the home page.

When Gaining Weight Is Still a Positive

Day 251

Although I had a pretty bad weight gain yesterday of .4 kg, I am still considering it a good day because I learned something a little new.

When it was time to weigh in, I was substantially overweight for the day. I was at 76.9 kg, which was a huge .9 kg increase over the previous morning’s weigh-in. To make matters worse, I just didn’t feel like running. My mind and body didn’t seem ready to do even one hour.

I thought for a while and decided that a .9 kg weight gain would just be way too big. The problem is that a .9 increase could force me to have to run for 90 minutes up to a week or even more just to make that up. That is a lot of hard work.

I made the decision to do some kind of exercise session. So I ran for only 30 minutes. However, jogging for only 30 minutes at a slow-to-medium intensity doesn’t usually achieve much over .3 or .4 kg or something like that. A decrease of .3 kg would still be a huge overall daily weight gain of .6 kg. I needed a little more than that.

My record for 30 minutes is a loss of .9 kg. However, that great result was from a high-intensity workout that my body was not able to do today. So I started at medium intensity for the first 10 or 15 minutes and then increased to a bit higher intensity for the last 15 to 20 minutes. The result was a weight loss of .5 kg for the half-hour session. That dropped me from 76.9 to 76.4 kg.

Let’s just look at the numbers and see why I am happy even though I gained weight. Imagine if I did no workout at all. I would have to lose .9 kg at a time when .1 kg is my typical daily weight loss. Even a really good day is .3 kg. So we are looking at something like a week of 90-minute running sessions to make this up. Additionally, I really want to avoid hitting 77 again. When that happens, it seems to take 2 weeks or more to get back down to the 75 range.

Now, by doing a short but pretty fast session, I knocked almost half of that off. So I now only have to make up .4 kg, which could be done in 3 or 4 days but typically less than a week.

What have I learned from this? If my body and mind are tired but I know a running session is needed to avoid a complete disaster, then there is an alternative plan. And that plan is to run a shorter session (less time) that is a bit higher intensity than usual. That’s exactly what I did today, and it helped me reduce the damage by close to 50%. Although it’s a weight gain, it certainly is going to make the recovery a lot easier. Thus, gaining weight can still be looked at as a positive when you reduce what would otherwise be a terrible meltdown. Just reducing the weight gain can be a win when that’s all you can do. It allows you to lose some while also making it easier in the coming days to recover since you aren’t doing a full exercise session.

When To Rely And Not Rely On Pentamize Tracking

This Pentamize blog post has the entries for both Days 249 and 250.

Day 249

After 3 straight days of split workouts and an overall weight loss of .3 kg, it’s time to have a normal day with only one workout. As I am writing this, I have not yet decided how long I will be running. But it will definitely be only one session.

I might have a hard time preventing weight gain today. My breakfast was bigger than usual, but I did slow down some as the day progressed.

I didn’t even bother weighing in until waking up in the morning. I was at a pretty high 77.1 kg and then was about 77.0 before starting the run.

My pace was rather slow today, and I took a break in the middle for some reason I don’t need to go into here. But I almost never take a break during a long run because it is not high intensity. There’s just no good reason for me to take a break. The results of the 90-minute run were not that good. I lost .9 kg, getting down to 76.1 kg. After going to the bathroom, I then had an official weigh-in of 76.0 kg. Crunching those numbers, that gave me a weight gain of .2 kg today.

In 2 days, I have given back .4 kg (.2 per day). This is starting to move in the wrong direction. So I will need to watch closely what happens on Day 250. If I have a third day in a row of weight gain, it may be time to take some drastic measures. But I’ll consider that possibility after the official Day 250 weigh-in. For now, though, this may just be a natural fluctuation.

Day 250

Starting Weight: 76.0 kg
Ending Weight: 76.4 kg
Gained .4 KG (almost a pound)

Today was another relatively undisciplined day when it comes to diet. I drank too many smoothies, which has always made it difficult for me to keep control of my weight on an intra-day basis. That is, I am not saying that smoothies are bad in general. It’s just that use of Pentamize tracking to rigorously control diet is made difficult by the consumption of heavy meals/snacks. While those heavy foods might not promote weight gain overall, they at least temporarily cause weight to shoot up quickly. And that can lead to misleading temporary weight gain.

For me, Pentamize weight tracking has been probably the #1 key to my success. However, it is still only a tool that allows you to create and maintain an effective diet and exercise regimen. You’ll still have to summon the willpower to stick to that diet and exercise. So tracking is not magic. It’s a tool that helps you create and stick to your plan.

As beneficial as Pentamize tracking has been for me and hopefully can be for you, it can have its drawbacks. By this, I don’t mean to stop weighing yourself or weighing your food all together. What I mean is expressed through today’s smoothie example. Drinking smoothies can make your weight go up fast. But if you KNOW from experience that the smoothies you are drinking will NOT cause you to lose weight over time, then getting upset about fast weight gain is not good for your mind. You might determine that you show a weight gain on days when eating certain healthy foods. But over the course of 2 to 3 days, that weight should all come back off as long as these foods don’t promote permanent weight gain. In that case, don’t be upset if you gain weight on a particular day as long as experience tells you that you will just drop that weight over the next 24 to 48 hours, anyway.

I am just giving the 24 to 48 hours as a sample time. Most people are obviously going to digest their food faster than that. But there could be times when the digestion process is slower or people who have a slower-than-typical digestion time.

Another good example is watermelon. Your weight can shoot up really fast with watermelon. However, it is typical for that weight to come right back off really fast. But it would be futile to try to say exactly how many hours that is going to take. So in the short term (meaning one to 3 days), your Pentamize tracking may give misleading results that you can’t totally rely on. But as long as you have already tracked certain food consumption and are aware of these potentially misleading temporary results, then don’t sweat it too much if you sometimes appear to be overweight at an official weigh-in. That could just be the weight of food that has not yet digested. And the healthier this food is from a weight-loss perspective, the less you would have to worry about this temporary gain.

Do not abandon Pentamize tracking because of possibly misleading results. Rather, learn when it can be temporarily misleading and plan your diet and exercise accordingly. Throwing away an excellent weight-loss tool because it is not perfect would be a big mistake. It’s not designed to be perfect, as that would appear to be impossible at this time in human history. Otherwise, science would have already found a way for everyone to easily lose weight. Hard work is already hard enough. Making it easier by using the right tools is the way to go.

In my case, I probably just overate a little too much today. I woke up and weighed in at 77.2 kg. That was 1.2 kg over the morning weight, but without yet doing my exercise session. So I may gain a little, break even, or lose a small amount by the time I finish working out.

After running for 30 minutes, I lost .5 kg and ended the day at 76.4 kg (I had also lost an additional .3 kg not from exercise after waking up). Although that is a weight gain of .4 kg, there are some great things to come out of this result. Read the Day 251 blog post for more information on this topic.

Gained .2 KG On Third Day Of Split Workouts; Still Good Overall

Day 248

Starting Weight: 75.6 kg
Ending Weight: 75.8 kg

Today has gotten off to a rough start. Although not a cheat day, I felt hungrier than usual. So while I was trying to stick to a balanced diet, my overall food intake was probably too high.

At about 6:30 in the evening, I weighed in at about 77.8 kg. That was even more than the amount I was at (77.7) before last night’s run. However, there is still some time before my run. I expect to start my evening exercise session at around 8:30 or 9 at night. So it’s possible that I could drop below 77.7 by that time. However, because I actually lost .2 kg yesterday, I would need to be 77.5 to be on par with yesterday’s pre-exercise weight.

I am pretty much done with food for the day but might have a very small amount after the evening jog. So my results still could possibly be good. It’s going to depend on how much I lose overnight.

From a start of 77.6, I dropped to 76.7 kg for the evening run, which was 60 minutes. I then had some water and a snack that was so small that would barely even register on the scale. That put me at about 77.1 kg, with almost all of that post-run weight increase coming from water.

I suppose I will drop quite a bit overnight since a good deal of it is water. But I likely will not drop enough to avoid a weight gain without running for 30 minutes or so. That decision will be made in the morning when I assess how much I need to lose to break even. A loss is not likely at this point, which is fine because I have lost plenty of weight the last 2 days. That trend won’t continue day after day, as that would not be normal since the body always readjusts back up sometimes (at least in my Pentamize tracking experience).

After doing a pretty slow run for 30 minutes in the morning, I lost .3 kg, down from the 76.1 that I had dropped to overnight. The drop overnight saved me from a really bad day. And while the 30-minute running session helped, I did still gain .2 kg by the end of this period. Although I possibly ate a little too much, you also have to consider that the last 2 days were excellent. So a day of small weight gain was bound to occur eventually. And .2 kg is a small gain that appears to be within the range of normal for this situation.

Over 3 straight days of split workouts, I have lost .3 kg overall. That is a decent average weight loss of .1 kg per day. Now, keep in mind that I am in maintenance mode because I don’t have much else to lose. So the results might be a whole lot better for someone who still has a great deal of amount to lose and is in full mode. At my weight, it is actually difficult to produce several days of large weight loss. But in full mode, I was losing well over 2 pounds per week and close to 3 pounds for several months. Thus, don’t take my numbers here too seriously. Everyone is going to achieve different results, and it will be based on a variety of factors.

The main takeaway for you should be that split workouts can be good for you if you want to avoid an extremely long single daily workout, want to have more control over your weight loss, and if you have the type of schedule that can accommodate two workouts in a day. But even if you have a schedule that makes it difficult, you could try out some split workouts on your off days so you can test and see what kind of results you get.