Lost One Kilogram Overnight But Still Gained Weight

Day 195

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg
Weight Before Running: 79.2 kg
Weight After The Jogging Session: 77.8 kg
Final Weight: 77.6 kg

After having a terrible result of .7 kg of weight gain on Day 194 (a partial cheat day), I was hoping to bounce back. That didn’t transpire. Instead, I gained yet another .2 kg on Day 195.

I started the day drinking eating 3 bowls of soup. I don’t know for sure but suspect that eating 3 bowls of soup may have gotten me off to a really bad start. I was surprised to weigh myself and be at 79.2 kg before running in the afternoon. This was way more than expected, and it was after eating all that soup and couple of other small meals.

By that time, it was going to be very hard to recover and lose weight on this particular day. And I was also very thirsty after the run. So I knew my weight was going to go back up quite a bit. While I did also eat some more after the jogging session, it wasn’t really all that much. But the water and that smallish amount of food took me back up to about 78.6 right before going to bed.

The only thing that kept this day from being a big disaster is that I ended up losing a decent amount of weight overnight. By the time of the morning weigh-in, my weight dropped about one kilogram. Although that is more than average, it appears to have been due to the large water intake after the run. So in that respect, it was not much of a surprise since water is expected to be used up quickly in the body. Now, if the weight increase is due more to food, there is a greater risk that it will be stored in the body for a longer period.

Some of you may find that you routinely drop a kilogram overnight. This could happen if you drink more water than me. If I did drink more water on a daily basis, I suppose my weight lost during sleep would be closer to a full kilogram. But since I tend not to drink too much (especially later in the evening), then my weight lost during sleep is closer to about .6 kg on average.

I discuss weight lost during sleep and why it is important to track in the Pentamize Weight Loss System. This is one of the things that I started to track when developing the system. And it was very valuable in helping me lose about 50 pounds in only a little over 4 months. Needless to say, I highly recommend tracking these kinds of variables and give you full details on how to do it in the Pentamize ebook.

Water Intake Can Cause Misleading Weigh-In Results

Day 194

Start: 76.7 kg
Weight Before Cheating Meal: 77.4 kg
Weight After Cheating Meal: 78.3 kg
Weight After Running: 77.1 kg
Final Weight: 77.4 kg
Result: gained .7 kg

After a strange day where I was sick but still had one of the best days of weight loss in a long time, I took a minor cheat day. This was not a break day, as I still ran my normal 90 minutes.

I was still feeling sick during the run. Still, the results of the run were pretty good, with a loss of 1.2 kg in what typically might have been a little more than that if I had had the energy to run a little faster. Considering that I was on my 3rd day of flu (but recovering slowly), this was a pretty successful exercise session.

After the run, my weight went up more than expected. By bedtime, I weighed 78.3 kg. While I did eat some after the run, it appears that most of that was water. I was really thirsty. And while I have a bad habit of not drinking enough water, there are times when you really need it. And being sick and fatigued like I am now is not a good time to skimp on the water. So I drank plenty, and my weight rose a lot.

When you drink a large amount of water, it is true that your weight goes up instantly as the water goes in. This is something you are not going to avoid when losing weight unless you really want to dehydrate yourself. It’s doubtful anyone recommends that as a long-term approach.

Presumably, the weight increase due to water will go back down as your body uses the water or gets rid of it through going to the bathroom or other body systems. However, some of it can definitely be retained in the body for a while. This is particularly true when weighing yourself on a daily basis, which I do preach heavily in my Pentamize weight loss system. However, the amount of water you put in your body can lead to misleading daily results. This may be what happens to me today. However, it won’t be possible to say for sure since this was also a cheat day. Maybe the major culprit is the cheating, not the high water intake.

The main point to remember on water intake is it is likely to even out over time. In fact, drinking more water is usually recommended since it puts your body in better condition to process your food, exercise better, etc. Just be aware that high water intake can lead to misleading daily weigh-in results. Look to your average results and don’t focus too much on extreme days. The extreme days you want to focus on would be when you know you did the wrong things. If you pig out and gain 2 pounds, that probably tells you not to pig out like that. If you drink a bunch of water and gain 1 pound on a day when you made no apparent mistakes, then that obviously doesn’t mean to stop drinking water.

The only obvious thing about today is that I need to continue to avoid cheat days. And in the long run, that is probably the factor that would cause me to have such a bad day (I gained .7 kg). As far as drinking a lot of water, that possibly played a role today. But that is not something I can worry about since it’s not likely to have a long-term negative effect (and may even have a positive effect).

Big Day Of Weight Loss While Having The Flu

Day 193

Start: 77.4 kg
Weight Before Run: 78.5 kg
Weight After Run: 77.5 kg
Final Weight: 76.7 kg
Overall Result: lost .7 kg

This turned out to be the biggest day for weight loss that I have had in a while. A huge loss of .7 kg finally put me into the 76 range.

I was sitting at 76.3 kg the morning we left for our 3-week vacation in January. After coming back in early February, I had shot way up to 82.0 kg and 82.8 before finally getting back to my normal diet and exercise routine. Thus, I am almost back to where I was before vacation. And I have lost right around 5 kg from my maximum weight around vacation time. Thus, this recovery period is now a bona fide success even though I have not completely recovered 100% yet.

Although the .7 kg of weight loss today was huge, it was unorthodox. I was still sick. However, I decided that I was just well enough to start exercising again after taking the day off yesterday. Because I didn’t eat much yesterday, I had a small weight gain of .2 kg despite not working out.

There were 2 main differences between today and yesterday. I ate more today, which obviously could have resulted in even more weight gain. But the likely huge difference is that I ran for 90 minutes, compared to no workout at all yesterday. And that was likely the major factor in the large weight loss of .7 kg.

Before running, I had gained 1.1 kg on the day. That is pretty normal. So my eating habits were getting back to normal. After the workout, though, I do believe that I ate less than I normally would. In that sense, the lingering illness may have actually helped me lose weight. Instead of eating, I drank quite a bit of much-needed water, as my body felt dehydrated. That lack of extra food after exercising appears to have been what really helped me.

Now, I am not saying that anyone should starve. I don’t subscribe to that extreme method of weight loss. But it didn’t feel like starving to me. I am not going to force myself to eat something when I am not hungry. And when I just don’t happen to be hungry, I don’t see the since of forcing myself to eat something. Some of my biggest weight loss days occur when I am naturally not hungry. I use that to my advantage instead of eating out of habit. The next day, I am usually hungrier again and eat to quell that hunger.

I’ll make one last point on this. If I have a great day of weight loss, I always make sure not to unintentionally overeat the next day as a reward. As usual, the goal is to eat only so much as is necessary to get through the day based on that day’s energy needs. This is why I don’t eat the same amount of food every single day. I let the situation dictate how much energy I need. And then I eat accordingly. So overeating the next day to “make up for yesterday” is a terrible idea.

Days 192 and 193: Trying For 3 Big Days Of Weight Loss In a Row; Illness Sets Me Back

Day 192

Start: 77.3 kg
End: 77.2 kg

The last two days have been amazing. I lost .4 kg on Day 190 and .5 kg on Day 191. That is a total of .9 kg in 2 days. These 2 days followed a very bad break day, where I went from 77.6 to 78.2. So I was able to erase the .6 kg of weight gain in the past 2 days and lose an additional .3.

Things became weird today later in the evening, and I did end up losing .1 kg. But it was a strange day.

I came down with what was apparently some kind of flu bug. My symptoms started out as nausea, and I went to bed a little early. After getting up a couple of times and going to the bathroom with that feeling in your throat like you are going to throw up, I did not actually vomit. Finally, after waking up at 6 in the morning from a gag reflex, I ran to the bathroom and promptly puked 4 times in succession.

As expected, I instantly felt better after puking and went back to sleep. However, my body was suffering from general fatigue after waking up later.

After starting to feel sick, I really didn’t eat much more the rest of the day. I had run the usual 90 minutes earlier. And the end result was a weight loss of .1 kg. After puking and all, I figured I would lose a little more than that. But I possibly would have gained if not for the sickness. So that could be the reason for the smallish weight loss.

All in all, the day did result in the 3rd day in a row of weight loss. However, it was a small amount, not another big one like the last 2 days.

Day 193:

Starting Weight: 77.2 kg
Ending Weight: 77.4 kg
Result: gained .2 kg

On Day 193, as stated above, my body was fatigued all day long. I mostly fell in and out of sleep, and I did not exercise at all. This was an unexpected break day, as there was no way my body was in the proper condition to go on a jog.

The surprising part is that I gained .2 kg. I mean, I didn’t eat much at all. And most of it was fruit. So to gain anything even though it was a break day seemed strange to me. Nonetheless, the most important thing right now is to get to feeling better so I can exercise again. And the .2 kg of weight gain really isn’t that much, anyway. So it’s nothing to get all upset about.

I will see about exercising on Day 194. As of now, though, I’d say it’s about 50/50. I expect to be feeling better. But it depends on how much fatigue and stiffness my body is still experiencing.

All things considered, this sickness has resulted in almost breakeven weight up to this point. Although it may have halted the excellent short-term progress I was making, it’s certainly not a disaster.