Poor Run Results But Still Lost Plenty Of Weight

Day 216

My starting weight today was 77.0 kg. I am coming off a pretty typical day as far as diet and exercise, except that I had a little coke that probably wasn’t good for me. At any rate, I gained a small amount of weight (only .1 kg).

I still have never gotten back down to 75.0 since returning from my vacation in early February. However, this is not really a specific goal. As long as I am in the range, it is good enough for me to qualify as successful weight maintenance. And since I am a mere 4 or so pounds over that, I consider myself to be within a reasonable range of that starting maintenance weight. Still, I do prefer to at least be under 77.0 kg. And I will try to get back below that for Day 216.

Due to scheduling, I was forced to put off my run until about 8:30 at night. And before that, I did great on the diet. From the start of 77.0, I was still only 78.0. That is a magnificent start. While I didn’t eat much, I also did not starve, either. 2 bowls of cereal with grains and nuts seemed to really help me get through the day. I am talking non-sweetened cereal here, as the sweet stuff would be terrible for a diet.

As good as my diet was today, I did something a little different for the run. My pace was very slow. I even measured my heart rate at only about 95 at the end of the running session. That is seriously low. But I had something specific in mind. My goal was to not be too hungry or thirsty after the run. In this case, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would lose weight on the day if I didn’t eat anything. So as long as I could keep my food and water intake to no more than .3 kg, I was virtually guaranteed to lose weight today.

The plan worked pretty good. I didn’t need to drink water and ate approximately .25 to .3 kg of food. Unless something weird happens, I’ll be losing a lot of weight over this 24-hour period. In fact, I might even get below 76.5. If I do, I will run only one hour tomorrow.

When there isn’t much extra food or water to lose, then you may naturally lose less. So I didn’t lose a large amount overnight. But this was still a solid weight loss day. I lost .3 kg after ending at 76.7.

Moderate Even If You Don’t Eliminate Fatty Foods

Day 215

In the past 2 days, I have had a net zero weight maintenance. On Day 213, I had an unexpected break day because of a trip to the hospital (no serious emergency, but it could not wait). The good part about that is I gained only .2 kg. With my crappy metabolism, that was actually quite good for one of my break days. My diet was not so bad on this day, so that helped.

On Day 214, I cheated a little on my diet, particularly from drinking way too much carbonated drinks (the tasty, sugary kind). However, I exercised and managed to lose the .2 kg that I gained the day before. After the break time and mistakes on Days 213 and 214, it is actually pretty shocking that I broke even. Normally, I would gain weight with that limited exercise and some poor diet choices to boot. I don’t really know how I broke even, but it may just be due to the fact that I was hitting an optimal time to lose weight. So with my regular diet and exercise, I may have lost a lot. Still, breaking even under these conditions has to be considered a success.

For Day 215, it’s time to run 90 minutes again and try to make better diet choices. I had to go to the dentist to check on my child’s tooth injury and had a little bit of coke and some french fries and half a small burger in the morning. This was more like a snack than a meal, though. So if I watch myself the rest of the day, I still have a good chance to lose weight.

Part of my diet is bad in that I do eat or drink some things with sugar. I even ate some of this stuff when losing 50 pounds in only about 4 months.

Eliminating all tempting food has never been my strategy. Instead, moderation is vital when making the choice to eat fatty foods. I delve more into this topic in the Pentamize ebook. But suffice it to say that a snack of chips or candy or whatever should ideally be a small fraction of a pound. Examples would be 5 or 6 chips or a “fun size” candy bar. Let your taste buds have a party, but it needs to be a short party.

Today, I had problems with running due to very high winds. Although I had no problem finishing the session, it was slower than usual. I only dropped from about 78.3 to 77.4. That is a paltry .9 kg. And with water and my last meal, I quickly rose right back up to about 78.3. This may not work out well for me today. But since it may be due to the wind during my running session, I’ll just stay positive if I do gain weight and continue with my regular weight loss and maintenance plans.

My weigh-in showed a 77.0, which is a nominal weight gain of only .1 kg. Considering how the run went, I am happy with that. It could have been a lot worse. However, it does mean I will need to run 90 minutes again tomorrow.

Lost Some Weight Despite a Little Cheating

Day 214

Today is the first day after my unexpected break. So this was supposed to be a good recovery day. Unfortunately, I was weak on the diet despite having a good 90-minute run. So I may end up gaining weight again. However, before bedtime, it looked to be at close to the breakeven point.

My weakness today was coke. I had over a pound of it, and this is one of those items that is well known to be terrible for someone trying to lose or maintain weight. I used to drink coke literally every day. But it is now approximately once to twice a month.

I usually drink coke on a cheat day. This was not exactly a cheat day, though. But I did have half a hamburger and the coke and some fries. This is obviously not the stuff of good diet.

Note on Diet Cokes

When I drink coke, it is regular coke with a load of sugar and all. The purpose of drinking soda is to enjoy myself, not to drink something that tastes like the bottom of my shoe. You guys that drink diet cokes may actually enjoy them. I don’t at all. And that includes stuff like Coke Zero and Pepsi Maxx. However, keep in mind that drinking these all the time may still have bad health effects. I am not going to go into that because those kinds of general nutrition questions get too far away from my Pentamize weight loss tracking system. I am just nothing that I have read many times that diet coke is not necessarily a healthy option even though it has little to no sugar. I personally drink black coffee every day, and it has certainly not hindered me from losing weight. I am certainly not going to recommend coffee, either. I am just pointing out that one reason for drinking so much coffee is to avoid drinking sugary drinks. Of course, I am talking about straight black coffee, not the sugary drinks you get at modern coffee shops.

End Note

Before my afternoon jogging session, I weighed in at a pretty high 78.8 kg. That was after drinking and eating the bad stuff. And I ran 90 minutes and then weighed in at 77.4 kg. That was a pretty good during-exercise weight loss of about 1.4 kg.

After the run, I was fairly discipline and only ate about .25 kg of yogurt and drank some water. And my bedtime weight was around 78.0. One method I employed today was sleeping a little early. I can’t say this applies to everyone, as it’s clear that almost nothing works for everybody. But for me, sleeping early has the positive effect of just what you expect – you can’t be eating anything if you are sleeping. Sleeping early has worked for me. Try it a few times if you haven’t yet and use Pentamize tracking to see how it goes.

By morning, I had a nice drop to about 76.9 kg. So I actually lost .2 kg on the day. I presume that was because most of the weight after the run was from water instead of food. All in all, this was a mixed day as far as my discipline. The first part was bad, but after the run was great.However, losing weight even after cheating a little was the surprising success.

Updating My Pentamize Weight Maintenance Mode

Day 213

Today’s Starting Weight: 76.9 kg
Exercise: none (see details below)
Ending Weight: 77.1 kg
Result: gained .2 kg

This is now the 213th day of my Pentamize blog and weight maintenance mode. I want to review a little bit here, as this is getting close to the 7-month mark. Since starting, I am up 1.9 kg, which is about 4 pounds. Overall, I consider this a nice success even though I have gained slightly.

4 pounds of weight gain is mostly due to the vacation I was on in January to February. So if you look at this like getting a grade on a test, I didn’t get a 100. However, I certainly consider it in the A or A- range. I was 233 pounds to begin. So a gain of a mere 4 pounds can’t reasonably be considered anything but a small increase.

What I have noticed over this period of time is that my weight generally stays about the same as long as I continue to exercise an average of approximately 70 minutes and maintain a balanced diet, including keeping carb content low. This may seem like a heck of a lot of exercise to some people. Well, guess what? It sure feels like a lot to me because I have to do this almost every day. I can’t take a break 2 days a week or something like that. Maybe I could do that if I ran for 90 minutes the other 5 days.

I can see how some people lose weight, gain it all back, lose it again, gain it all back, and continue in that “see-saw” or “yo-yo” fashion. If you are like me and have to exercise a considerable amount just to maintain your weight, then only a permanent lifestyle change is going to allow for successful weight maintenance once you have reached your target weight. Surely, some people are going to lose motivation on either their diet, exercise, or both.

I don’t have any magic pill when it comes to motivation. Such a pill that would keep everyone motivated likely does not exist. You have to find that thing in your life that makes it worthwhile to maintain the lifestyle that helps you keep the weight off. It certainly helps if you are being rewarded by better physical condition, more love, better sex, or whatever motivates you.

As for me, I just don’t want to look in the mirror again and see a big belly and love handles. That is what motivates me. Find the thing that makes it worthwhile for you, and you can hopefully develop the permanent lifestyle change that I have been able to do so far over these 213 days of my maintenance mode. Yes, that is less than a year. But as things are now, I don’t plan on going back to that lifestyle that pushed me to 233 pounds. I may like eating. But I like being in decent shape a lot better and just eat bad food, like chips and soda, in extreme moderation.

Sometimes, things just get in the way, forcing you to skip a workout. This happened to me today. My child fell and got a loose tooth. So we had to go see a doctor about that. Since my run was going to be at night, I was not able to do it. Thus, I will probably gain some weight by morning. But I will just have to make up for it in the next few days. Ultimately, I was going to have to take a break day, anyway. Although the plan was to hit 76.5 first and then take a break, this is good enough since it was unavoidable, anyway.

Despite not exercising, my weight was 77.1 kg in the morning. That is a weight gain of only .2 kg on what turned out to be a break day. All things considered, that’s not so bad at all since most of my break days are usually worse and often much worse than a .2 kg increase.

Why I Never Have And Still Don’t Count Calories

Day 212

I have some thoughts on counting calories below. But first, let me summarize my daily progress.

I am definitely planning to run 90 minutes again today. After the weight gain of .3 kg yesterday, that is my only viable choice since I need to try to recover. This does not mean that I will run harder than usual. Read yesterday’s blog post for more on why I keep my exercise intensity the same even when trying to recover from a bad day.

After the morning weigh-in of 77.1 kg, I was up to about 77.8 before the run. That run was from about 2 to 3:30 in the afternoon. So I was definitely not done eating for the day by that time. However, a .7 kg increase by that time of day is pretty good.

The wind was blowing very hard throughout the run, and that definitely slowed me down many times. I personally also have a tendency to lose some motivation in high wind, and that can also affect my running pace. Nonetheless, by the end of the run, I lost a decent amount and close to the average. My weight was about 76.4, which showed a loss of 1.3 kg during the jogging session. Along with drinking water and eating, I rose back up to approximately 77.6 after the run. I felt that I ate pretty much the proper amount for the day. To me, that is having enough energy to get through the next 2 to 4 hours.

I realize that “having enough energy to get through the next 2 to 4 hours” is not a hard scientific formula. But with practice, you should be able to determine how much you can eat and still lose weight. In determining how much you can eat, it’s very helpful to learn my Pentamize tracking techniques. Otherwise, you will either have to sit there and count calories or just wildly guess about how much you are eating.

I lost about 67 pounds without ever counting calories on a daily basis. Personally, I think counting calories is too much work. And depending on your personal situation, you might not even have the tools and resources to do it completely or accurately. My book gives plenty of specific tips on how to track your diet without calorie counting so you can figure out how much you are eating and whether it is too much to lose weight.

I always like to point out that my comments are not meant to criticize calorie counting or discourage you from doing it. Obviously, some people have done this with success. And you should be generally aware of the calories you are consuming. For example, you ought to know that a whole bag of chips is absolutely loaded with calories and is probably going to be disastrous for your diet. But a head of broccoli has much less calories and is clearly going to be better for your diet. But rigorous calorie counting can be a difficult and time-consuming process. If you have a meeting with someone at a new restaurant, can you be sure that you are correctly counting the calories of the dish you have never eaten before? And this is where my Pentamize techniques provide you a simpler alternative. It’s all in my book if you are interested.

I didn’t drop so much overnight and was at 77.1 right after waking up. But that was not my official weigh-in, as I usually do that after going to the bathroom a second time. That is also before eating or drinking anything at all.

At my official weigh-in, I was 76.9 kg. So I lost .2 kg on Day 212. That is a nice reversal from yesterday’s mistakes and weight gain.