I Am Officially Ending My Vacation Recovery Period

Day 221

Starting Weight: 76.3 kg
Weight Before Afternoon Run: 77.6 kg
Weight After Run: 76.8 kg
Amount Lost During Session: .8 kg
Exercise Routine: 80-minute jog
Final Weight: 76.5 kg
Result: gained .2 kg

In January of 2017, I weighed myself at 76.3 kg before going on a 3-week vacation. After eating way too much and not exercising enough, my weight shot up to a max of about 83 kg.

After coming back in February, I started a recovery period to try to lose all the weight put on over the vacation. Just as I have always discovered, it turned out to be much harder to lose the weight than to gain it.

After gaining weight for 3 weeks, I finally hit 76.3 yesterday. That is almost 3 months to lose the weight that was gained in only 3 weeks.

I see no good reason at this point to keep pushing for 75.0 in official “recovery period” status. Otherwise, I will just be putting myself back in recovery status every time I gain 2 pounds. I don’t want that kind of mental pressure at this time, as my body has grown tired of constantly running 90 minutes almost every day.

No, this does not mean I am taking a break. In fact, I am going to run for 90 minutes later today because my lunch was bigger than usual. When it’s appropriate to run 90 minutes and my body is in decent shape, then I will do it. The point is that running for 90 minutes almost every single day is just overkill for me. That is appropriate for a recovery period or a period in which I need to lose a large amount of weight to reach my target.

I am now going back to standard weight maintenance. Yes, I will still work on staying around 75 kg. But I am not going to kill myself to get there when my weight is already only 2 to 3 pounds over that mark.

It’s important to keep in mind that I am not talking about changing my permanent lifestyle change. My plan is to permanently stay physically active and maintain a decent diet and food intake amount for the rest of my life. Some people do look fine overweight and may even be healthy. But my experience is that being overweight just isn’t good for me on any level.

At the same time, 90 minutes almost every day has run its course for me for the time being. If I slip up again, such as when I went on vacation, I’ll start up a new recovery period and run about 90 minutes almost every day. But as long as I am near my target weight of 75.0 kg, a maintenance phase that combines shorter running sessions with 90-minute runs is better for me. This is particularly true right now, when my body and mind both feel like they need a slowdown. A complete break would be a disaster for me, but a slowdown is the way to go as long as I am near my target.

Today ended badly because I overate, making this a partial cheat day. It seemed like it was going to be far worse. When I went to bed early at about 9 to 9:30 at night, my weight was about 77.8 kg. That put me at 1.5 kg over the morning weigh-in. However, unlikely recently, my weight did drop a large amount overnight. It fell 1.3 kg, making me only .2 kg over on the day. So a likely disaster was just a poor day. It was all due to overeating, including quite a few chips. I need to have more discipline at times. Then again, perfection is not the goal, so I don’t want to be too hard on myself.

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