Finally Reached My Pre-Vacation Weight

Day 220

Because of the strange result yesterday, I am trying to watch my diet a little better. However, I am going to make a little change. I stopped eating at approximately 5 even though I probably need a little more food before sleeping. But instead of eating it before the evening workout, I will have a small meal after getting through with my run.

At about 6:30 at night, my weight was approximately 77.8 kg. That is already better than the 78.3 I was at when starting the run at 9 p.m. last night. In fact, that is a whole .5 kg better. So at this point, my goal is to have a small meal of only about .2 kg after the run and have a little bit of water. That should be give me a pretty good chance of losing weight unless something weird happens like last night, where I only lost .4 kg during sleep time. That is very low and was surprising and certainly bad timing considering that I ate a little too much yesterday. So I needed to lose that weight. Nonetheless, a decent run result meant that I broke even on Day 219. So it wasn’t all bad even though the overnight result was lower than average.

At the end of the run, today seemed like the opposite of yesterday. While I did great on my diet today, the problem was the workout. I ran for 60 minutes because my mind just wasn’t in gear to run the full 90. And my weight loss was a paltry .6 kg. I don’t know why it was that low. But fortunately, my diet was much better today. I was about 77.5 before the run, as compared to 78.3 yesterday. So even though I only dropped to 76.9, that was still better than yesterday’s 77.0 after the run. However, I did need a little more food today after the workout. So my ending weight after a snack was around 77.1 kg. Finally, I was about 76.9 right before going to bed. All in all, this ended up almost the same as yesterday, albeit through a completely different path. Now, the hope is to lose a decent amount overnight instead of the pathetic .4 kg lost overnight on Day 219.

I did lose more overnight this time, ending at 76.3 kg. That is the exact amount I was before leaving on vacation in January. I am going to officially end the recovery period now even though my target maitenance weight is 75.0 kg. More info on this will be in tomorrow’s blog post.

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