Very Strange Lack Of Weight Loss Overnight, But Still Broke Even

Day 219

Day 219 tured out to be a strange day. By the official weigh-in, I broke even. However, it’s one of the odd days where I expected to lose weight when I went to bed. But alas, something happened. And yet again, I learn that the only prediction you can really make in weight loss is that you will gain weight if you overeat by a large amount. Other than that, you really can’t predict what is going to happen from day to day.

Yesterday was a fairly bad one, as I gained .2 kg. My exercise session was 60 minutes, so I bumped it back up to 90 minutes today.

First, things were kind of bad because I may have overeaten a bit. Before my run, which was at 9 at night, I had increased my weight from 76.6 to about 78.3. At 1.7 kg, that is just too much. So at that point in the day, things were not looking good. However, I felt there was hope because I anticipated not eating anything after the run. While I may have eaten too much earlier, at least what I did eat was enough that I was not really hungry anymore.

My pace was fairly slow, and my heart rate was about 108 at the end of the jogging session. The good part is that I had dropped back down to 77.0 kg. This was excellent and little better than expected.

Now, at this point, I was still not very hungry. So I did successfully abstain from eating and went to be roughly an hour after finishing the run. Things looked great because I only had to lose .4 kg overnight to break. And it is not uncommon at all to lose .8 kg overnight. Yes, sometimes I lose more or less.

Unfortunately, my weight somehow only dropped .4 kg overnight. It kind of makes sense in that I did not drink anything after exercising. But .4 is awfully low and was not expected. That is so far below average that it meant that I didn’t even lose weight on Day 219. However, the silver lining is that I did still break even.

After a day like this, it just reaffirms that you just can’t predict what is going to happen on a daily basis. The expected big weight loss did not come, but at least I did break even. Tomorrow will hopefully have a better result than this strange 24-hour period.

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