Poor Run Results But Still Lost Plenty Of Weight

Day 216

My starting weight today was 77.0 kg. I am coming off a pretty typical day as far as diet and exercise, except that I had a little coke that probably wasn’t good for me. At any rate, I gained a small amount of weight (only .1 kg).

I still have never gotten back down to 75.0 since returning from my vacation in early February. However, this is not really a specific goal. As long as I am in the range, it is good enough for me to qualify as successful weight maintenance. And since I am a mere 4 or so pounds over that, I consider myself to be within a reasonable range of that starting maintenance weight. Still, I do prefer to at least be under 77.0 kg. And I will try to get back below that for Day 216.

Due to scheduling, I was forced to put off my run until about 8:30 at night. And before that, I did great on the diet. From the start of 77.0, I was still only 78.0. That is a magnificent start. While I didn’t eat much, I also did not starve, either. 2 bowls of cereal with grains and nuts seemed to really help me get through the day. I am talking non-sweetened cereal here, as the sweet stuff would be terrible for a diet.

As good as my diet was today, I did something a little different for the run. My pace was very slow. I even measured my heart rate at only about 95 at the end of the running session. That is seriously low. But I had something specific in mind. My goal was to not be too hungry or thirsty after the run. In this case, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would lose weight on the day if I didn’t eat anything. So as long as I could keep my food and water intake to no more than .3 kg, I was virtually guaranteed to lose weight today.

The plan worked pretty good. I didn’t need to drink water and ate approximately .25 to .3 kg of food. Unless something weird happens, I’ll be losing a lot of weight over this 24-hour period. In fact, I might even get below 76.5. If I do, I will run only one hour tomorrow.

When there isn’t much extra food or water to lose, then you may naturally lose less. So I didn’t lose a large amount overnight. But this was still a solid weight loss day. I lost .3 kg after ending at 76.7.

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