Moderate Even If You Don’t Eliminate Fatty Foods

Day 215

In the past 2 days, I have had a net zero weight maintenance. On Day 213, I had an unexpected break day because of a trip to the hospital (no serious emergency, but it could not wait). The good part about that is I gained only .2 kg. With my crappy metabolism, that was actually quite good for one of my break days. My diet was not so bad on this day, so that helped.

On Day 214, I cheated a little on my diet, particularly from drinking way too much carbonated drinks (the tasty, sugary kind). However, I exercised and managed to lose the .2 kg that I gained the day before. After the break time and mistakes on Days 213 and 214, it is actually pretty shocking that I broke even. Normally, I would gain weight with that limited exercise and some poor diet choices to boot. I don’t really know how I broke even, but it may just be due to the fact that I was hitting an optimal time to lose weight. So with my regular diet and exercise, I may have lost a lot. Still, breaking even under these conditions has to be considered a success.

For Day 215, it’s time to run 90 minutes again and try to make better diet choices. I had to go to the dentist to check on my child’s tooth injury and had a little bit of coke and some french fries and half a small burger in the morning. This was more like a snack than a meal, though. So if I watch myself the rest of the day, I still have a good chance to lose weight.

Part of my diet is bad in that I do eat or drink some things with sugar. I even ate some of this stuff when losing 50 pounds in only about 4 months.

Eliminating all tempting food has never been my strategy. Instead, moderation is vital when making the choice to eat fatty foods. I delve more into this topic in the Pentamize ebook. But suffice it to say that a snack of chips or candy or whatever should ideally be a small fraction of a pound. Examples would be 5 or 6 chips or a “fun size” candy bar. Let your taste buds have a party, but it needs to be a short party.

Today, I had problems with running due to very high winds. Although I had no problem finishing the session, it was slower than usual. I only dropped from about 78.3 to 77.4. That is a paltry .9 kg. And with water and my last meal, I quickly rose right back up to about 78.3. This may not work out well for me today. But since it may be due to the wind during my running session, I’ll just stay positive if I do gain weight and continue with my regular weight loss and maintenance plans.

My weigh-in showed a 77.0, which is a nominal weight gain of only .1 kg. Considering how the run went, I am happy with that. It could have been a lot worse. However, it does mean I will need to run 90 minutes again tomorrow.

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