Lost Some Weight Despite a Little Cheating

Day 214

Today is the first day after my unexpected break. So this was supposed to be a good recovery day. Unfortunately, I was weak on the diet despite having a good 90-minute run. So I may end up gaining weight again. However, before bedtime, it looked to be at close to the breakeven point.

My weakness today was coke. I had over a pound of it, and this is one of those items that is well known to be terrible for someone trying to lose or maintain weight. I used to drink coke literally every day. But it is now approximately once to twice a month.

I usually drink coke on a cheat day. This was not exactly a cheat day, though. But I did have half a hamburger and the coke and some fries. This is obviously not the stuff of good diet.

Note on Diet Cokes

When I drink coke, it is regular coke with a load of sugar and all. The purpose of drinking soda is to enjoy myself, not to drink something that tastes like the bottom of my shoe. You guys that drink diet cokes may actually enjoy them. I don’t at all. And that includes stuff like Coke Zero and Pepsi Maxx. However, keep in mind that drinking these all the time may still have bad health effects. I am not going to go into that because those kinds of general nutrition questions get too far away from my Pentamize weight loss tracking system. I am just nothing that I have read many times that diet coke is not necessarily a healthy option even though it has little to no sugar. I personally drink black coffee every day, and it has certainly not hindered me from losing weight. I am certainly not going to recommend coffee, either. I am just pointing out that one reason for drinking so much coffee is to avoid drinking sugary drinks. Of course, I am talking about straight black coffee, not the sugary drinks you get at modern coffee shops.

End Note

Before my afternoon jogging session, I weighed in at a pretty high 78.8 kg. That was after drinking and eating the bad stuff. And I ran 90 minutes and then weighed in at 77.4 kg. That was a pretty good during-exercise weight loss of about 1.4 kg.

After the run, I was fairly discipline and only ate about .25 kg of yogurt and drank some water. And my bedtime weight was around 78.0. One method I employed today was sleeping a little early. I can’t say this applies to everyone, as it’s clear that almost nothing works for everybody. But for me, sleeping early has the positive effect of just what you expect – you can’t be eating anything if you are sleeping. Sleeping early has worked for me. Try it a few times if you haven’t yet and use Pentamize tracking to see how it goes.

By morning, I had a nice drop to about 76.9 kg. So I actually lost .2 kg on the day. I presume that was because most of the weight after the run was from water instead of food. All in all, this was a mixed day as far as my discipline. The first part was bad, but after the run was great.However, losing weight even after cheating a little was the surprising success.

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