Day 210 – Further Analysis of Not Eating Anything After 5 In The Afternoon

Day 210

Starting Weight: 76.9 kg
Weight Before Run: 77.7 kg
Weight After Run: 76.5 kg
Final Weigh-In: 76.8 kg

In today’s blog post, I am going to further analyze my recent results in relation to my diet idea, which is to avoid eating anything after about 5 in the afternoon/early evening. I have done this 5 days in a row. And my results do not seem to indicate that it is a primary factor of success in weight loss. However, it should be noted that this could be a positive factor and one thing that could help you lose weight.

The thing that I am noticing is that you probably can’t stuff your face before 5 every day and then expect to get good results. This does not appear to be any sort of magic pill. I have seen people claim that you can eat anything you want early in the day, and it will all burn off as long as you don’t eat at night. Based on what I am seeing so far, I would certainly not follow this advice.

In fact, over the 5 days of trying this method, I have had a marginal loss of .2 kg. That is barely better than breaking even over 5 days even though I have worked out every day. Yesterday was only 40 minutes. But the other days were 90-minute runs.

I want to make it crystal clear that not eating at night might still be a good part of an overall weight loss plan. The key is that it is only one factor and is probably not some kind of secret magic trick that is going to let you cheat on your diet and exercise and still expect to lose weight.

Even though 5 days is a short time and is not going to give hard scientific results, the pattern is already clear. When I have followed my typical diet and exercise, I have lost weight on those days. When I didn’t do such a good job of following my diet and exercise routine, I gained weight. So there appears to be no magic here. Avoiding meals in the evening might help you. But it’s not going to help much if you otherwise cheat on your weight loss plan. And you might end up gaining weight, anyway.

If you are used to eating a late dinner and would like to try out having your last meal of the day around 5 in the afternoon, then go ahead and do that and track the results. But don’t expect any dramatic difference. Stick to your normal exercise routine and diet limitations and keep in mind that it takes hard work for most people to lose or maintain your weight.

Today, I did not follow the 5 p.m. rule and also ran in the afternoon instead of at night. Hopefully, I am not eating too much. But it may be on the borderline because my weight seems to be going up quite a bit after the run. However, I am trying to avoid liquids today except water and coffee. This may help after making a mistake yesterday.

If I get back down to 76.5, then I will finally take a break day as long as I do okay on my diet. Hopefully, I won’t mess up like yesterday.

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