Weight Gain On a 40-Minute Run Day; Juice Probably Hurt Me

Day 209

This is my first break day in weeks except for that one day when I was seriously ill from the flu about a week or two ago. Although I do still work out with a cold or similar symptoms, I took a break day then because the nausea and fatigue were just too much for a workout. I may be crazy about keeping up a routine. But there are limits. And extreme nausea and fatigue were enough to cancel that run.

Today, my weight started at 76.5 kg. I had decided before yesterday’s run that today would be a break day if I hit 76.5 kg. And by coincidence, that is exactly what my weight was when weighing in this morning.

The one disappointment I had yesterday is that I gained a small amount of weight. However, I specifically tracked an increase from 76.9 to 77.6 after the run, and that was all due to water. Some of that water weight was apparently still in my body at the morning weigh-in time. I am just guessing on that, but it seems to be the most likely reason. Assuming I didn’t drink water, it would be virtually impossible that I would have been only 76.5 in the morning cause that would have been a drop of only .4 kg in about 12 hours. This is almost impossible. Thus, it is pretty easy to conclude that the most likely reason for the small weight gain was water on this particular day. So while gaining weight is normally not good, it’s not a problem on an individual day if it’s mainly due to water.

My plans changed today, as it was necessary to make some changes on the fly. Before running at about 6 in the evening, I weighed myself and was a little surprised to see myself at 78.6 kg. This was way too much. Yes, I finished eating early again (about 5:30) and wasn’t going to eat any more food at that 78.6 weigh-in. But yesterday, I was at 78.1. So this was likely going to be a terrible disaster if I did not exercise at least a little. So I compromised and ran at a pretty average pace for 40 minutes.

I was at 78.0 after the 40-minute run. Unlike yesterday, where I was very thirsty, I wasn’t very thirsty at all today, presumably because this was a much shorter workout session. So all things considered, I was about .4 kg over yesterday’s mark at about the same time of day. Thus, I will likely gain a little weight by morning. But this is still a success considering how bad it could have been. Of course, I am guessing. But it would be hard for my weight to drop 1.5 kg even though the weigh-in is about 15 hours away. We’ll see, but I am happy dropping .6 kg during the jogging session.

My final weight was 76.9 kg. That is a gain of .4 kg over this 24-hour period. I thought back again what I had eaten. It included some soup and fruit juice. Although the fruit juice was 80 percent coconut juice, that still left 20% for sugar and other bad ingredients. The juice was a poor choice, and I need to avoid it. Instead, I have done much better drinking water and just adding a small amount of juice for a little flavor.

I was somewhat helped by the 40-minute run. But with a gain of .4 kg, I am forced to run 90 minutes on Day 210. I managed to avoid getting into the 77 range again at the weigh-in. And I definitely want to avoid that on Day 210.

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