Did Drinking Water Make Me Actually Gain Weight?

Day 208

Today marks the 4th day in a row of eating all food for the day by around 5 in the afternoon. And on all these days, I exercised after 5. There was a noticeable difference today, and I did gain a very small amount. But because it was apparently due to water consumption, the gain may be meaningless in the long run even though it doesn’t appear good when looking at just one day of results. Of course, individual results of a single day are sometimes very misleading. And this appears that it may be one of those times.

Day 208 was a little bit different, and I want to get this written down so I can compare results. Of course, only a few days of results do not prove anything on a scientific basis. But patterns start to emerge in some cases that can be valuable as you gather more data to analyze.

Today, I was at about 78.1 when the run started at 7 at night. After finishing at 8:30 and urinating, my weight was around 76.9. That was a good number for that time of day when considering that I would almost always lose more than .5 kg overnight. However, I was thirstier after the run today than the past 3 days. So I drank quite a bit of water and went back up to about 77.6 kg.

Now, because this was just water and not food, it shouldn’t be a problem in the long run. But it’s not certain whether that weight will come back off by the time I do my morning weigh-in. At any rate, I don’t think I made any big mistakes today. And as long as I hit 76.5 at the morning weigh-in, I’ll take a break tomorrow. If I don’t hit 76.5, then I will run for one hour. I am deciding this now and will likely not change my mind. I know I need a break. But I’ll compromise and run for 60 minutes if my weight doesn’t go back down to 76.5.

That water apparently did not all come out of my body or get consumed overnight. However, it was pretty close. I dropped to 76.5 kg. So in the approximate 12 hours from the end of the run to my morning weigh-in, I dropped from 77.6 to 76.5, or 1.2 kg. And it was about .8 kg during sleep because my weight had dropped a little to 77.3 by bedtime.

Hitting exactly 76.5 was enough for me to take a break today. Even though I almost always gain weight on break days, this is something my body needs at this point. So I’ll try to watch my diet and make up for any weight gain starting on Day 209.

By the way, I did gain .1 kg today. If that was from drinking a lot of water late at night, so be it. Surely, the water is not going to be bad for me in the long run even if it may sometimes effect the result of a weigh-in. This is what I mean by misleading results. Any time you gain weight – even on an individual day – it’s valuable to analyze the possible reasons. However, if the reason seems to be that you drank a lot of water and haven’t expelled it yet, then that’s hardly a bad thing.

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