Continuation On Testing Of Not Eating After 5 P.M.

Day 207

Beginning Weight: 76.7 kg
Weight Before Running: 78.7 kg (huge gain, but this is explained later)
Weight After Running: 77.4 kg
Final Morning Weight: 76.4 kg

I am now on my 3rd day in a row of eating all food for the day by about 5 p.m. and then abstaining from further eating until morning. There are very slight exceptions to this. I may eat about .1 kg of food. But that is nothing but a small snack and is not likely to affect my morning weigh-in.

Today, I rose dramatically from 76.7 all the way to 78.7 before the run, which was at about 6:30 to 8 in the evening. That is a huge jump, but I’m not sure that I overate. A good deal of that weight consisted of fruits and vegetables. And about 25 percent of it was just yogurt. The rest was meat and fluids. So while it seems like a big jump, that was my full day’s worth of food since the plan was to not eat again after running.

The results of the run were a little better than the past 2 days. I had terrible results on a 40-minute run on Day 204 and only lost 1.0 kg yesterday. However, sickness and weather slowed me down during these workouts. Today, it rained earlier but had stopped by the time of the workout. So I was able to run closer to my typical pace and lost 1.3 kg during the run. My heart rate was also faster, as it came in at about 132 at the end.

It is true that I lost 1 kg from the end of the run to the morning weigh-in. However, when counting sleep time only, it was only .6 kg since I had lost .4 before going to bed. I did lose weight overall today, with a loss of .3 kg.

After 3 days of not eating after 5, I am still not seeing any convincing evidence that that is positively affecting my weight loss. However, I have lost an average of .35 kg the past 2 days, which is a lot better than recent averages. And the gain of .2 kg 2 days ago is not so bad when you consider I was sick and only ran for 40 minutes.

The jury is still out in my numbers as to how much an effect not eating in the evening will have. Many factors go into a weight loss system. There isn’t that one big method, short of dangerous stuff like starving, that gets the job done. I suspect that, like most people say, avoiding eating for several hours before bedtime may promote weight loss. But I think how much you eat overall is far more important. If you overeat before 5 in the evening or whatever cutoff time you set, then you may gain weight, anyway. Of course, many people, such as myself, will also have to keep up an exercise schedule to lose or maintain their weight.

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