Great Weight Loss And Recovery From a Sick Day

Day 206

Beginning Weight: 77.1 kg
Ending Weight: 76.7 kg
Weight Lost During Run: 1.0 kg
Weight Lost Overnight: .7 kg
Result: lost .4 kg

Today is hopefully going to be a good recovery from yesterday’s day of sickness. Although not much went right on Day 205, a weight gain of .2 kg actually ended up surprisingly being decent. You can read yesterday’s blog post to find out exactly what happened. But I was sick and was only able to run for 40 minutes. But by the time of the morning weigh-in, I had somehow dropped about 1.2 kg. Since the day started at 76.9 and ended at 77.1, it was only a gain of .2. The surprising part is that I dropped from about 78.3 all the way down to 77.1 overnight. That is the unusual part.

I can only guess the reason that I dropped so much overnight. However, it could be that I stopped eating at around 5 to 6 and didn’t eat anything at all (except for one bite of something, which I wouldn’t even count). Even after the evening run, I did not eat.

Today, I am going to try the same thing. I haven’t really tracked this even with my Pentamize techniques. That is, I have generally eaten a little even after 6 or 7 at night. And that certainly didn’t stop me from losing a lot of weight. However, the fact that I ate at night does not mean that I overate. I simply mean that my last meal is usually at about 7 or 8 at night. I don’t mean a big dinner because small meals or snacks are part of my Pentamize plan. A big dinner would only be for a cheat day. And even on cheat days, I try to make the big cheating meal around lunch instead of dinner.

I decided to stop eating at 5. Now, this doesn’t mean stuffing your face until 5 and then quitting. I just tried to have sufficient food by 5 – not too little that I starve and not too much that I overeat.

When measuring myself at 6 at night (today will also have an evening workout session), I was at around 78.5 kg. This is perfectly fine so long as I don’t eat after the jogging session, which will be at around 8:30 to 10. I had dropped just a little to 78.4 before the jog.

After running, I ate such a small snack that it might not even register on the scale. So my test is still on since that was just a few bites to get me through until bedtime. I was 77.4 kg after the running session. That was another disappointing 1.0 kg loss. However, it was raining the whole time. This negatively affected my speed to some degree.

If I were to repeat yesterday’s overnight results, that would put me at 76.2 kg. Somehow, I really doubt that is going to happen. But at least I should be back in the 76 range after getting sick and rising to 77.1 yesterday.

As expected, I did not do nearly as well today as yesterday as far as losing weight overnight. However, my overall results were much better, presumably due to having completed a full workout. I lost .4 kg today, getting down to 76.7 kg.

It’s still not clear whether not eating after 5 or so will have a significant effect on weight loss. I am talking about my own testing here. It’s common advice to avoid eating late at night. But I want to test this for myself. So far, it’s just too early to give any kind of reliable results.

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