Finally Hit 76 Range Again, But No Time To Rest Yet

Day 205

Yesterday was awesome and resulted in a weight loss of .9 kg. That suddenly and unexpectedly put me in the 76 range (76.9, but it still counts).

After having a good day, I do the opposite of what may be the most natural reaction. A lot of people will celebrate and slow down or even take a break day. I usually don’t do this for a very good reason. And that is you can never predict whether a really good day will be followed by a really bad day. And if you take a break on what is already destined to be a really bad day, it can reach disaster proportions.

Having said that, things got in the way today, and I ended up running only 40 minutes. I had a headache, and even pain reliever was not getting rid of it. That is pretty unusual for me.

I feared a terrible weight gain if I didn’t work out at all. So when it came time to exercise, which was 8:30 at night, I was already leaning towards a shorter run because my headache was still lingering after several hours. 45 minutes to an hour seemed like a good compromise. But I hit home at 40 minutes and decided to just stop there and try to make up for any weight gain tomorrow.

My tracking was off for some reason. All I can report is that I was about 78.3 after the run and going to the bathroom. That is 1.4 kg over the morning weigh-in. In terms of food, I was hungry earlier in the day and ate a good deal more than yesterday. This is why I typically try not to starve myself. It’s just too risky that you will overeat the next day. While I may not have overeaten today, I was certainly on the borderline. However, I was fed up yesterday with gaining weight and decided it was time to take more extreme measures. If the price is that I ate too much today, then so be it. Weight loss and maintenance are not a perfect science, and I am not a perfect dieter. So I’ll just recover in the next few days if this weight doesn’t come off by morning.

I lost a huge amount of weight overnight. I dropped from 78.3 to 77.1. A loss of 1.2 kg overnight is one of the biggest I have ever had. It may be that most of the food I ate was earlier in the day. That would have given more time for the food to fully digest. This is just a theory, and I am not sure. But I usually still eat something at night. And not eating at night this time very well could have been the thing that resulted in this large weight loss overnight since food eaten later at night might not have time to digest by morning.

I did gain .2 kg today, ending at 77.1. Ironically, I am actually pretty happy with that considering today’s challenges. I didn’t even complete half of my usual run. As I write this, I am feeling better and plan on doing a full exercise session. So I will have a much better chance to lose weight on Day 206.

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