Extreme Measures Start Today

Day 204 of the Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

At this point, I am pretty much sick and tired of being in the 77 range when I should at least be in the 76 range. I have gained .5 kg the past 2 days even though I exercised both days. This is acceptable on a break day but seems like excessive weight gain across 2 exercise days.

It seems I have been overeating without really realizing it. It has not been intentional. My diet tracking needs to be more disciplined, and this is likely what has been going on. The only thing I know for sure is that I seemed to be a little hungrier the past 2 days. Regardless of the reason, it’s time to get more aggressive. And that aggression starts today.

The thing that I must guard against, though, is avoiding a high intensity level for my exercise. While that may help one or two days, it is not good for my goal of maintaining a permanent lifestyle change. Yes, I am going to be more aggressive today. But if necessary, it will be by exercising longer, not at a higher intensity level.

I am writing this shortly before my evening run and am doing great so far. My weight is 78.4, which is only .6 above the morning start of 77.8. That is less than what I often am at 2 in the afternoon. So things are great as far as diet. I didn’t track the diet very hard but was making sure not to eat unless I was really hungry and trying to eat very small amounts at a time. And it worked great.

Next, I should do fine if I go out and run for 90 minutes and only eat a maximum of .2 kg after running. If I can’t lose weight by the end of this day, I might as well give up. Well, I won’t give up because I will be successful today. The only way I can mess this up is to eat a bunch after my jogging session. And there is no good reason to do that since I will be going to bed soon after the run.

I was a disappointing 77.4 after the run, which was a drop of only 1.0 kg. That is way below average, and I don’t know what that would have happened. However, I was very disciplined after the run by eating a very small snack only. And I went to bed already losing weight on the day because my weight was 77.6 kg.

By morning, I dropped to 76.9 kg. Today saw a huge weight loss of .9 kg, which is close to 2 pounds. This is finally the day I have been waiting for and was actually better than expected. I even got into the 76 range. Tomorrow, I will be happy to lose even a little weight. Heck, even if I gained a small amount back, it would not be too upsetting. However, I don’t want to have a cheat day. So it’s important to stick to my normal routine, but not necessarily with any extreme measures. I’ll play it by ear.

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