A Bad Trend Of Weight Gain Sets In; Things Will Have To Change

This blog entry covers both Days 202 and 203. Each day showed weight gain, and the gain seems somewhat unusual. So it appears I may need to mix some things up to tackle this ugly trend. Even though it’s only 2 days, it’s unusual to gain .5 kg in 2 days unless at least one of those days is a break day.

Day 202

Start: 77.3 kg
Weight Before Run: 78.2 kg
Weight After Running: 77.0 kg
Final Weight: 77.5 kg

Day 203

Start:77.5 kg
Weight Before Running: 77.9 kg
Weight After Running: about 76.6 kg
Final Weight: 77.8 kg

On Day 202, I ran for 90 minutes again and somehow gained .2 kg. So I gained back the .2kg that I had lost yesterday. This is a disappointing day because I mostly stuck to smaller meals. I was hungrier than usual and may have eaten just a little too much at night. However, it certainly was not a cheat day. Gaining almost half a pound just seems a bit much on a day like this, where I didn’t have any big meals and just ate what I felt was needed for a proper energy level.

On Day 203, things got even worse. Yes, I was hungrier than usual again on this day. And I did eat a little more than usual at night. But it was only to have the energy that I felt was needed to get through to sleep time. I was all the way down to the 76 range and still somehow ended up gaining weight on the day.

Now, I really don’t know what is going. I ran for 90 minutes again, and both Days 202 and 203 had average results (or only a little below average) as far as weight loss during the run. It is unusual to suddenly gain .5 kg over the course of 2 days with no cheating on either diet or exercise.

I know for a fact that I have run for 90 minutes on both days. That is easy to track. Diet is much harder to track than exercise because you literally have to track either calories or weight of the food every time you eat something. It would be unusual to be able to track food perfectly. This is why estimating is the typical practice.

When you estimate your diet tracking and are getting unexpectedly bad results, then you must consider the possibility that you are accidentally overeating. The reason I am troubled now is that I know I don’t tend to overeat even though my tracking is only an estimate. My usual practice is to let my body tell me when I really need more energy. I then eat a smallish meal or snack to get the necessary energy. And this did help me lose over 60 pounds from my max weight.

I am going to have to “call in reinforcements” to reverse this trend. It’s getting out of control, so it’s time to take more extreme measures. Read tomorrow’s blog post to see what I do to fix this little problem.

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