Some Thoughts On Smoothies, Soup, And Weight Loss

Day 201

Weight At Start of Day: 77.5 kg
Weight Before Run: 77.5 kg
Weight After Run: 76.3 kg
Weight Before Bed: about 78.2 kg
Final Weigh-In: 77.3 kg

Today started out really well and stayed good up until after my 90-minute run. The 76.3 kg mark after the run is the best in a long time.

Unfortunately, things got a little sour after that. First, I had a fruit smoothie, which I am not a big fan of for losing weight. I hear some people do have success with smoothies. But it doesn’t seem to work very well for me.

I can’t draw any firm conclusions on smoothies because I have not tested them extensively. Frankly, I don’t see the point of testing them because smoothies don’t seem to fill me up. I feel the same way about soup.

Some people say that drinking a lot of water or even eating some soup (I mean soup with high water content, not a thick soup) before your regular meal can help you lose weight. I can only speak for myself. But this has not been my experience. My best guess is that liquid-based food, such as soup and smoothies, don’t really give me a feeling of getting full. And since I don’t feel full, I risk overeating. Almost invariably, I just end up eating what I would have eaten, anyway.

For your own personal weight-loss efforts, I can only say that you should not assume that drinking water or smoothies or using similar techniques will work for you. Unless this stuff actually does fill you up, there is a risk you are doing nothing but adding more food to your regular diet. And adding more food to your diet is not generally the way to lose weight.

On the other hand, if you can drink some smoothies in a way that it reduces what you would normally eat, then it might work for you. This is especially true if the smoothie content is more ideal for weight loss than the content of the food you replace it with. But if you are just eating your regular diet and then adding smoothies, does this sound like a good idea? Common sense tells you it is generally not a good idea to add food to your diet when you are trying to maintain or lose weight.

This article is not meant to discourage the use of smoothies or soup in a diet. The point is that it’s not always this rosy picture that some people paint. Especially with smoothies, they treat them like some kind of magical secret for losing weight. The reality is that it depends on how you incorporate these foods into your diet, how they affect your overall diet, whether they fill you up, and similar factors. Use standard Pentamize tracking and test this for yourself. It’s the only way you will know whether smoothies, soup, or whatever else is good for your personal situation, body, etc.

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