Day 200 Review Of The Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

Weight At Start Of Day: 77.1 kg
Weight Before Exercise: 77.8 kg
Weight After Exercise: 76.5 kg
Weight After Big Meal And Lots of Water: 78.3 kg
Final Weight: 77.5 kg
Result: gained .4 kg

I have now reached the 200th day of the Pentamize weight maintenance blog. That is a little more than half a year and a nice round number to do a short review.

I started this blog with an official weight of 75.0 kg. And as of this morning (the Day 199 official weigh-in), I was at 77.1 kg. So over the course of this time, I have had a nominal weight gain of 2.1 kg, which is basically 5 pounds when you round up.

A gain of 5 pounds is definitely considered a success in my opinion. Although it is not perfect maintenance, an increase of 5 pounds is easily explained by the 3-week vacation. I am still recovering from that. I was over 82 kg in early February, and it is now early to mid April. So there is no reason to consider the increase of 5 pounds to be any kind of failure. However, I do think it’s important to continue the recovery period until getting down to the 75 range.

It’s not important to me to be EXACTLY 75.0 kg. But it would be nice to be within a couple of pounds or so. Thus, while the 5-pound increase over this period is not a failure when you consider the reasons for it, that also doesn’t mean that it is a 100% success. I’ll need to keep up this recovery because I haven’t quite gotten back to my target maintenance weight.

Today, I ran in the early afternoon and did good on diet up to that point. However, that was because I was expecting to eat a fairly big meal after the 90-minute jog. And along with drinking water, my weight did go back up to almost exactly my pre-run weight due to that meal. However, when I checked later after eating a small snack of yogurt and two small meatballs, it had surprisingly gone way past that, on up to about 78.3 kg. I don’t know how that happened, and it is not a good sign. While the reason is not so clear, it appears I have messed this day up.

The damage could not be undone by morning. I weighed in at 77.5 kg, which was a bad weight gain of .4 kg.

The only thing I can think of as far as possible mistakes is eating that one big meal. And my general approach is to eat small meals. That has what got me to the Promised Land of weight loss. And anytime I eat even one big meal, that’s risky behavior. You never know for sure why you gain weight on a particular day unless it’s from a huge mistake (like eating a very large meal). But my best guess is that one big meal (although it was not huge) was the factor that caused me to gain today. I need to avoid that on Day 201 and going forward for a while. My short-term goal of hitting 76.5 before taking a break day is still unchanged.

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