Example Of Diet Modifications On The Fly

Day 199

Starting Weight: 77.1 kg
Weight Before Running: about 78.6 kg
Weight After Running: 77.5 (after going to the bathroom)
Final Weight: 77.1 kg

Yesterday, I lost a small amount of weight, which was the second day in a row of losing at least a little. I also established a new short-term goal of hitting at least 76.5 kg before taking a break day from exercise. I can’t even predict how long that will take, but my estimate is between 5 and 8 days. But it could even be faster or slower than that.

There is an interesting situation as I writing this portion of the blog post. It is 8 at night, and I have not exercised yet. I will do the standard 90-minute jogging session. The potential problem is that I have eaten quite a bit today, and my weight has risen to about 78.9 kg. That is 1.8 kg (about 4 pounds) more than the morning weigh-in. Of course, that includes water. So it’s not all food.

It remains to be seen whether I have eaten too much. But the decision was to eat everything for today before the workout and not anything after unless my post-workout weight shows that I can afford to eat a little. It is highly doubtful that my weight is going to show that now. I can guess that I will lose about .5 kg overnight. So that means I would need to at least lose 1.3 kg during the run. However, that guess of .5 could be even more than one kilogram. It is impossible to guess that figure with accuracy on a given day. But I need to lowball it to try to avoid gaining weight by the time of the morning weigh-in. Overestimating that loss would be terrible planning. So the bottom line is that I won’t be able to afford to eat even a small snack after the run unless I lose at least 1.5 kg. So the results will dictate what I do after the session.

The above is something that you could refer to as making diet modifications on the fly. It doesn’t apply if you have a strict diet and always stick to that diet no matter what. I don’t do it that way because my actions are often modified based on my diet and exercise tracking. A major value of tracking is that you can track your intra-day progress, meaning changes within a 24-hour period. If you are going to do Pentamize tracking (get my book to fully learn how), then making these modifications on the fly is possible. But if you aren’t so much into tracking, I don’t see how you could do it since lack of tracking means that you would not know which modifications to make.

In this case, I violated my own modification plan because I was just a little too hungry to abstain after the run. I had a smallish meal after weighing in at 77.5 after the run and going to the bathroom. I blew that plan, so I’ll have to get a little lucky to avoid gaining weight by morning.

Well, I guess I had average luck because I broke even. Today was all my fault. The modification plan was in place, and I just didn’t follow it. However, this blog post is a great example of how to use tracking to modify on the fly. This time, it just didn’t work out due to my own lack of willpower. But on days where I do follow the plan correctly, you can see how I would lose weight on many of those days.

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