Short-Term Goal Of Hitting 76.5 KG Before a Break Day

Day 198

Starting Mark: 77.2 kg
Weight Before Run: 78.1 kg
Weight After Run: 76.8 kg
Final Weight: 77.1 kg

After 3 bad days, I broke through on Day 197 and had some good weight loss. My final mark was a loss of .4 kg, getting me down to a 77.2 kg.

I have decided that 76.9 is too early to take a break day. So my short-term plan is to exercise every day until reaching 76.5 kg. That way, if I do end having a bad result on that break day, at least it would not be expected to be far north of 77.0. Of course, not every break day is going to be .5 kg of weight gain or more. But I have had rotten luck on break days throughout the entire course of my Pentamize tracking period.

I am tired of hovering around 77 to 77.5 now and am ready to regularly be in the 75 or 76 range. Of course, I am not really expecting to hit 75.9 in just a few days. It could be a couple of more weeks or even a little more. That is fine. But I am really tired of this 77 range since I know I can do better.

Let me recap the highs and lows of this recovery period for a moment. The high amount was about 82.8 kg. That was actually about a week after returning from vacation since I had some extra cheat days. I don’t want to go into the reasons for that because it is not important. But after about a week, I got back to my normal Pentamize weight loss routine.

After getting back to my typical routine, I have had the usual ups and downs but have been very successful overall. At 77.2 kg, that means I have lost over 5 kg. And that is more than 11 pounds in this case. However, my lowest amount has been 76.7 kg.

One day after the 76.7, I had a cheat day and shot back up to 77.4 kg. Then, I rose to 77.6 and am now back to 77.2. So while the last week or so has been a yo-yo, that was mostly due to a cheat day and, thus, not unexpected.

I will not be having any cheat days at all for a while. Instead, I will only take a break day to rest my body when I hit 76.5 kg. This seems like a good short-term goal that will keep me moving in the right direction while also minimizing the odds of going back over 77 as a result of that one break day.

Today is not going all that well. I had a decent run in which I lost 1.3 kg. But my weight went up a little too much after the run. I certainly didn’t stuff myself but appear to have eaten a little too much. My weight rose to more than 78.1 kg, which was my pre-workout weight. That’s the same no-no I talked about in Day 196’s blog post. Despite the mistake, I managed to squeak out a small weight loss of .1 kg today.

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