Lost .4 KG To End Bad Streak Of Weight Gain

Day 197

Starting Mark: 77.6 kg
Weight Before Run: 78.3 kg
Weight After Run: 77.4 kg
Final Weigh-In: 77.2 kg

I had an unusually low amount of weight loss today during my 90-minute running session. It was .9 kg, which is not unprecedented but is just about as low as it gets.

My heart rate was only about 116 at the end. That is not what I would call “bad.” It’s good enough for a decent workout. However, I am used to losing more weight. I predicted it would not be very good because there were a lot of problems with wind today. It was blowing really hard, which slowed me down over and over. And although it is starting to warm up, those gusts of wind were pretty cold. Wind is bad, and cold wind is worse.

Having gone 3 days without losing weight, part of me just wanted to starve after the run to virtually guarantee that I would lose weight today. There are a few reasons why I didn’t do that.

First, it’s hard to do. I don’t like starving, and I generally eat small meals throughout the day. If running in the afternoon, there is just too much time left in the day to completely abstain from eating.

Second, it messes up my routine. If I starve myself today, then I may overeat tomorrow. This is the kind of risk I am not really excited to take just for one day of guaranteed weight loss.

Third, it’s probably not very healthy, anyway. I don’t know for sure on this. However, I have certainly never heard that starving is a healthy habit. So it seems like a bad idea just from a general health perspective.

Having said that, there are days where I will consciously eat less than desired. These days can be very beneficial in securing a day of a weight loss when I really need it. Today would have been a good time to sacrifice after the run and eat as little as possible. I didn’t happen to do that this time. Rather, my post-workout food consumption was pretty average. I ate enough to get through the day and did stop when I was very slightly hungry. So there was a little bit of sacrificing. But it was not even close to “starving.”

Today, I rose to a disappointing 78.4 or so before bedtime. That put me at risk of gaining weight yet again and lengthening this bad streak to 4 straight days of either gaining or only breaking even. However, my weight loss overnight was way above average. I somehow dropped 1.2 kg, which is not unprecedented but way more than usual. It looks like this was just one of those times when my body was finally ready to lose a little. I dropped .4 kg, getting down to a 77.2.

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