Too Much Eating Ruined My Chances For Weight Loss Today

Day 196

Starting Weight: 77.6 kg
Weight Before Running: 78.5 kg
Weight After Running (93 minutes): 77.1 kg
Final Weight: 77.6 kg (breakeven day)

I am writing this before the morning weigh-in. It may be the 3rd day of weight gain if things don’t look up by the time of the weigh-in. I already know what has happened today. I just plain ate too much. So there won’t be any secrets on the reason for these results.

The day actually started out pretty good. After a beginning weight of 77.6 kg, I was at a reasonable 78.5 before the afternoon run, which was at 2. That was only an increase of .9 kg up through the mid afternoon. There is nothing dramatic about that at all. And it was a sufficient start to what could be a day with overall weight loss. The problem is that things can go south if you make mistakes after the run.

I actually ran for 93 minutes today because I was taking a longer course than usual. So unlike most of the time, I was actually not quite able to get back home before the end of the usual 90-minute session. So to finish off a good workout, I just kept running until making it home. It was an extra 3 minutes, and I had a decent weight loss of 1.4 kg during this exercise session.

At 77.1 kg, that was a great opportunity to lose weight on the day. But I was hungry and just kept eating. And that shot all the way back up to approximately 78.8 kg.

One guideline that can help you lose weight (this is not the whole system, but it helps) is to make sure you do not gain so much weight after workout that you exceed what you weighed right before the session began. In this case, it is a major no-no to exceed my starting point of 78.5 kg (the amount before the run, not at the beginning of the day).

I don’t want to beat myself up too much. Sometimes, the hunger is just a little too much to ignore. I would have to make some changes if this happened every day or several times a week. Fortunately, I don’t usually overeat that much. So I accept that I have some bad days. And as long as it’s a small mistake and only leads to small weight gain, then I will accept this as part of my imperfection.

Note that the guideline on not exceeding your pre-workout weight does not always apply. For example, if you do your morning weigh-in and then run before eating any meals at all, then you are probably going to exceed that amount. But it’s okay in that situation to somewhat exceed it since your pre-workout weigh-in is also your official morning weigh-in. In this case, you can be a pound or so above the pre-workout weight and still lose it while sleeping and lose weight on the day. Here’s an example of that:

1. Monday’s morning weigh-in: 100 pounds
2. Monday’s pre-workout weigh-in: 100 pounds (it’s the same and you run before eating)
3. Weight after workout: 98 pounds
4. Weight after eating all meals: 100.8 pounds
5. Tuesday’s morning weigh-in: 99.6 pounds

In this case, you lost 1.2 pounds during sleep time and actually lost .4 pounds in the 24-hour period. Since you worked out before any meals at all, it’s natural in this situation to exceed your pre-workout weight by a smallish amount. But if you go too far, you may not lose enough during sleep.

As for today, I did lose a lot overnight and broke even. That was a little better than expected. But this now makes 3 days in a row of gaining weight or only breaking even. It’s about time to have a good day. Hopefully, that is coming soon. I’ll just try to keep up the good work and see what happens. At any rate, I am still within about 5 pounds of my permanent target weight. So things have progressed slowly but nicely in the current post-vacation recovery period.

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